3 Alternatives to Hospital Birth To Consider

The time is approaching to create your birth plan. You have options when it comes to where you choose to deliver. Often, new moms gravitate toward a hospital birth out of a lack of information. But if you’re considering alternatives to hospital birth, here are some things to consider.

Home Birth

A home birth is one way to go if you’re seeking a more natural experience. As with other forms of non-hospital delivery, it’s best to start preparing months before your baby is due so that you can have everything ready and have your support group well-organized when it comes time to deliver.

Home births require a lot of planning so that you’re prepared for whatever may come up during labor and delivery—you’ll need plenty of towels, lots of ice packs, medical tools, music, and elements that make you feel relaxed. You’ll also want a licensed doula or midwife to assist with the delivery.

Water Birth

Water birth is a wonderful alternative to hospital birth to consider. Water birth can also be a good choice for women looking to mitigate some childbirth-related pain. The water allows you to process through contractions and receive non-medical pain management.

Water birthing pools are typically elevated above ground level so that the mother can sit comfortably while she enters into active labor and delivers her baby. You’ll need to get checked out by your medical provider before you begin water birth preparations, so make sure there are no issues that could cause complications during the process. Once your medical provider has given you the go-ahead, you’ll want to find a skilled midwife who has experience helping expectant mothers through this process; they will guide you through what to expect during this process.

Birthing Center

The next option is to have your baby at a birthing center. This hospital-like setting features a staff that will provide you with the same level of care as you would receive in a hospital, but they have fewer rules and restrictions.

Additionally, birthing centers offer lower costs than traditional delivery methods, which could save you thousands. They also allow you the freedom to make decisions about your baby’s birth plan without having them overruled by medical professionals during labor, which might happen when giving birth at a hospital.

You Don’t Have To Have a Hospital Birth

You can choose from various options, including home birth, water birth, or even having your baby in a birthing center. Your doctor will offer recommendations, but ultimately, the decision is yours. After reading about the alternatives, you may be surprised that there are many ways you can give birth without going to the hospital. 

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