Characteristics of Women's Workout Shorts

Wearing the proper workout or gym clothes is essential to train in complete tranquility, with pleasure and total comfort. For example, have you ever had to stop training because the workout shorts were too short and caused annoying chafing inside the thigh? Well, if this has never happened to you are lucky, but we assure you that it is an experience not to be repeated!

That’s why it is essential to know how to choose the perfect workout shorts for yourself: it is not enough to put on shorts of any type and go out to be a full-fledged runner! Indeed, very often, improvising in workout clothing can cause poor performance and actual ailments (try running in winter with a cotton shirt and don’t catch a cold!).

Women’s workout shorts

Wearing workout shorts allows you to focus primarily on training. The running shorts are made with fabrics, seams, and wearability that will enable you to run in comfort and convenience without feeling the fabric pulling on the skin or running the risk of having tears when you move. On FIRM ABS, you can choose from hundreds of models in different colors and verity in workout shorts and the best brands in the world of running products.

Running is one of the cheapest sports to practice: just buy the right garment to have everything you need. The workout shorts is one of those pieces that you should never miss in your wardrobe: so here are some tips for choosing the best!

Tank Top

First of all, it is a matter of hygiene and health; synthetic fabrics are to be avoided because they help fungi and bacteria proliferate in contact with sweat. They can therefore cause redness, irritation, and allergies. Better therefore to prefer breathable fabrics. Wide trousers are the most suitable, to be coordinated with a short-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt. The secret is to cover yourself in layers to avoid getting sick, lighten up when you start exercising, and cover-up again when you leave the room warm.

Choosing the Right Workout Clothes: Tank Top

Short-sleeved t-shirts or tank tops are ideal for the free movement of the arms, the foresight for women is to avoid too wide necklines. Thermal technical fabrics are the best because they do not leave too long a wet back and abdomen after a sweat. The length of the trousers varies according to the activity: in the weight room, wide trousers or leggings are better; on the treadmill, you can also wear workout shorts. For those who attend spinning lessons, there are reinforced trousers to cushion the repercussions.

Characteristics of workout shorts

Characteristics of workout shorts

  • A pair of shorts must be able to protect you from the elements, both in the middle of winter and in summer. So no wet legs and no shorts glued to the skin if you are surprised by pouring rain during training, nor sunburn.
  • FIRM ABS offers Motion Dry technology: while being tight, these workout shorts offer maximum freedom of movement and quickly free the skin from moisture.
  • The choice of colors is usually directed towards the sober ones, therefore gray, black, blue, or white. As for the pants, if you train with equipment or free body, it is preferable to avoid shorts and shorts and opt for comfortable leggings for women and sweatpants for men. As a rule, dark colors are also chosen here, especially women who want to look slimmer and tend not to show their flaws. If, on the other hand, you dedicate yourself more to the treadmill, you can also wear runner shorts. However, it is preferable to dress like an onion, wear different types of breathable clothing, and take them off depending on the heat you feel.
  • If you run in the dark, make sure your workout shorts have reflective sidebands, which make you always visible and allow you to train safely even in the evening.

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