Why Are People Using More Products Made Of Bamboo?
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Because being sustainable and living holistically is now a hot selling trend, and thank god for that.

Now, you might think that calling it a trend automatically derails the purpose of such living, but it doesn’t. After all, social media trends have bought a few good things as well. Sustainable living is one of them.

Seeing our favorite celebrities and influencers choosing the wellness of the planet before plastic and celebrating Earth day together does ignite the ‘Earthling’ inside us.

(*Earthling – Organisms who belong to the planet Earth)

Now, coming back to Bamboo products which are one of the most sustainable products manufactured – we will be discussing the different reasons why bamboo products are getting all the ‘save the Earth’ limelight now and what are the different products you can start using if you are planning to go all bamboo.

What Are Bamboo Products?

Bamboo falls under the category of a grass plant and has a tall woody structure. These plants are cultivated for the hollow stem, which is essentially used to make all these products.

Some of the famous bamboo products which you might have seen around are bamboo picnic baskets and bamboo vanity products like comb and mirror handles.

Why Are People Using More Bamboo Products

Now, coming to the interesting body of the excerpt. You must be curious to know that other than saving our planet, why should I invest in bamboo products?

Why Are People Using More Bamboo Products

Here are some of the most convincing answers which you can find over the internet.

1. More Oxygen

If you think plants are the mastermind in turning CO2 into oxygen, then you probably don’t know the functioning of bamboo.

It is known for absorbing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and essentially releases more oxygen. Now, we are not saying covering your entire house with bamboo products will give you more oxygen.

However, with the increase in demand, more can be cultivated, and this, in turn, will detoxify the environment.

2. Sustainable

There are a few reasons why bamboo is one of the most sustainable items to make anything with. We have already discussed how it is detoxifying our atmosphere, but one of the biggest points of it being sustainable is renewability.

Did you know that bamboo products are the easiest to renew? 

Once you harvest any bamboo waste without the need for re-planting, it can keep growing.

This is one of the reasons why when you are using a bamboo product, you are a responsible citizen of the Earth. Because you know once you dispose of these products, they are going to the right place and not harming any animals.

3. Easy To Find

Bamboo products are the most available in the market, but they are also the easiest to harvest.

One doesn’t need too much maintenance, as they do not need pesticides to protect the grass. Plus, some species can even grow more than 90cm a day when it comes to bamboo.

So, if one is making products out of them, the resource is found in abundance.

4. Sturdy & Durable

Bamboo is made up of very sturdy and durable material, and bamboo is overall a good investment if you do not wish to use plastic products and dispose of them regularly, creating a hazard to the environment.

Some proud bamboo investors have challenged people to cut a bamboo cane in half. But, apparently, it is not possible since it is ‘supremely strong.’

This is one of the reasons why Bamboo is often given as good luck present in new beginnings. So, your commencement to an auspicious event is also ‘Supremely strong.’

5. Employment For Third World Country

Did you know that most bamboo products you are using come from third-world countries?

Yes, these are the tropical places that have the highest number of bamboo factories and bamboo laborers because they can grow the grass abundantly.

Thus, by investing in these products, you are not just helping the environment; you are also helping mankind.

What Are Bamboo Products You Can Get For Your Home

What Are Bamboo Products You Can Get For Your Home

Now, coming to the fun part of the excerpt. Something that you have been waiting for. Bamboo is not a very expensive investment, and you can get the best bamboo products with just a few bucks.

Then why not invest in some of the best bamboo products on the market for your home-

1. Paper

This is a brand new addition to the bamboo industry. Since bamboo is more abundant than pine or hemlock (well-known trees used to make papers), it is much easier to be turned into paper.

Papers made with bamboo pulp almost have the same feeling as a normal paper; it is just the stiffness where you will find a difference. 

2. Furniture

There are many hotels that have already switched to bamboo furniture because of the shabby chic look it gives the room.

Plus, it shows that they are being more responsible and using something sustainable. So, you should switch to bamboo furniture to give your house that rustic look.

3. Toiletries

Bamboo toiletries are an interesting addition to your house. It will help you decorate your vanity with beautiful beige combs and mirror frames.

Plus, you can invest in some of the eco-friendly toiletries for tour travel next time. They are easy to carry since they are more sturdy and are not susceptible to breakage.

4. Handicrafts

Bamboo handicrafts are a beautiful way to decorate your house. Plus, they are extremely convenient when in need.

A beautiful bamboo picnic basket is all your need for that Fall picnic with your loved one.

Plus, the bamboo handicraft industry also offers mesmerizing wall hangings which will accentuate your rustic bamboo furniture interior perfectly.

Beauty & Sustenance! 

There is no doubt that not only is bamboo sturdier than plastic, but it is also more elegant than plastic.

Any plastic decoration might match the aesthetic, but it will never give you that classy interior look.

Thus, do not just choose sustenance.

A holistic living is a happy living, so choose beauty as well.

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