how to be safe when meeting someone online: safe dating tips

The basic rules of dating remain almost the same as they used to be several decades ago. However, there are certain things you must be extra cautious about when dating someone today. If you don’t take care of those things, you might be in serious trouble in the future. 

For instance, if you have plans to begin dating in 2022, you must have in-depth knowledge about reliable dating apps and websites. This is essential for protecting yourself from HIV and AIDS, financial frauds, and more such troubles. Here are a few safe dating tips for 2022 that you must follow. 

Pick the Dating Platform Wisely

If you search the web, you’ll come across different types of dating platforms. Some apps/websites are meant to connect individuals who want a steady, serious relationship. Others are designed keeping in mind the needs of adventurous individuals who believe in no-strings-attached dating. What’s more, some apps and websites cater strictly to individuals suffering from STDs and STIs like HIV.

Most dating platforms will give you the option of becoming a paid premium member. However, the free memberships also come with decent features.

The biggest benefit of creating a premium profile is reducing encounters with wrong people, who don’t have anything you want your potential partner to have. Top dating apps use advanced algorithms to match premium members with individuals, who have similar likes, dislikes, and interests as yours. However, a free profile will also allow you to check the profiles of other members and decide whether they match your needs.

Create Your Profile with Care

Creating a perfect profile is also important to ensure that other members of the dating platform understand what exactly you are looking for. Your profile pic must be clear. Always choose a natural photo as your profile picture. Never edit the photo by adding too many filters.

The About Me section of your profile should not contain lies. If you want to create a larger-than-life image of yourself, you’ll end up meeting similar kinds of people. You’ll never want that to happen if you are looking for a life partner or a serious relationship. You should avoid dating such people even if you are interested only in flings.

Choose Your Dates After a Lot of Contemplation

The moment you’ll create a dating profile, you’ll start receiving invites. Accept those invitations after thorough contemplations. A profile might be exceptionally creative, but you shouldn’t fall prey to that if it features an unclear display picture or has an unusual, super-awkward username. To be more precise, avoid profiles that appear sketchy.

You should also stay away from profiles that feature immature and childish descriptions that fail to describe their respective owners and their purposes.

Think Twice Before You Meet Someone in Person 

You might be the most adventurous person on this planet; still, you should not rush your decision of meeting your online dating mate physically. Spend a few days chatting with him or her. This will allow you to understand the person to some extent. 

Take Necessary Steps to Stay Safe on a Date

When meeting a person, you have known through a dating platform, you must take certain steps for ensuring your safety. They are as follows:

Inform a Person You Trust about Your Plans: Let a friend, a relative, or a flatmate know about your dating plans when going out. You may choose to inform more than one person if you want.

Give your confidant detailed information about the date. Tell him/her your date’s name and when and where you people are meeting. Give the person the contact details of your new date and tell him/her when you are planning to come back. Also, don’t forget to inform the person about changes in your plans, if any.

Ideally, you should request your confidant to call you or send a text message at a definite time for confirming that you are safe.

Your First Meeting Should Always Be in a Public Place: When you are meeting your date for the first time, make sure you have lots of people around you. Never arrange the meeting in an apartment or a hotel room. Ideally, the date should take place at a restaurant or café.

Never Leave Your Food/Drink Unattended: As you are meeting the person at a restaurant, you’ll obviously order some food and drink. Never leave them unattended. If your date has an unscrupulous intent, he might add substances such as Rohypnol or gamma-hydroxybutyrate to your food/drink. These colorless, odorless agents are known as rape drugs.

Final Words

If you choose your partner through a reputable dating platform, your chances of having unwanted dating experiences would be negligible. So, do your research well when choosing a dating app or website.

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