Today’s life is busy. Work, commuting, and caring for your family take up almost every waking minute. And, if you’re anything like us, you probably like to eat nice food, regardless of whether you’re a joyful chef or not.

But how do you manage to eat decently when you have so little time to cook? Getting cool kitchen gadgets that make your life easier, that’s how! This article will explore current appliances and nifty stuff you can use to make your cooking easier.

1 – 8-in-1 Bottle Kitchen Tool

Kitchens are getting smaller, and so is the space to store things. This is where one of the most unique kitchen gadgets in this list comes in. This bottle-shaped gadget comes with different accessories such as a funnel, can opener, egg masher, and more. The best part is it all assembles together like a bottle for easy storage.

Thanks to the cheese grater accessory, it’s the ideal cool kitchen gadget to scratch parmesan and a perfect partner overall to cook fresh food!

2- Spherificator

First came coffee capsules. Now, this futuristic device can’t be absent from any conversation about cool kitchen gadgets. A spherificator turns any liquid into caviar-shaped pearls. Yes, you can bring elegance and fun to any old syrup, juice, cocktail, or beverage you can think of.

The tiny pearls look sophisticated yet colourful and work wonders for decoration purposes.

3- Oil Sprayer

Oil can get, well, oily. And it can get pretty messy when you want to spread it evenly across uneven surfaces. It usually results in surfaces being poorly oiled. But what if you used a sprayer for it? Well, without getting too technical, oil is more viscous than water. This means it will get stuck in regular sprayers.

This is when oil sprayers come to the rescue! These unassuming bottles look like water sprayers but are specifically designed for oils. Once you get one, you’ll never understand how you could live without it!

4- Electric Breakfast Maker

If you’re looking for the ultimate solution for breakfast, look no more! This handy device works as a sandwich maker, egg cooker, toaster, and melter for anything you need to melt, such as cheese.

It’s the ideal companion for busy lives because it lets you do all those things simultaneously and because you can simply toss everything inside and forget about it until breakfast is ready!

5- Smart Meat Thermometer

If you’re a dedicated cook, you probably have a kitchen thermometer. However, this device is a thermometer on steroids! It tracks the temperature of food and the air temperature and connects wirelessly to your smartphone. That’s where the magic happens.

The app gives precise information about different temperatures, including the target, and indicating whether you need to adjust the heat. It also lets you know how much time remains for specific cuts and doneness.

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