The loss of a loved one is an experience that can leave us feeling overwhelmed with emotions and searching for ways to find closure. While we may never fully get over the loss, there are ways to keep their memory alive and honor their legacy. 

Voice memorial portraits are a new and innovative approach to remembering loved ones. By creating a digital or physical representation of their voice, we can hear their words and feel their presence long after they have passed away. 

What is a Voice Memorial Portrait?

Incorporating voice in a memorial portrait is a unique and personalized way of remembering a loved one who has passed away. It involves capturing audio recordings of the person’s voice and using them to create a digital or physical representation of their voice.

The goal of a voice memorial portrait is to create a lasting connection with the loved one by preserving their voice, which can provide comfort and emotional support during difficult times of grief. Creating a voice memorial portrait involves selecting and collecting audio recordings of the loved one’s voice and then working with an artist to make the final product.

How Voice Memorial Portrait Works

The first step is to collect audio recordings of the loved one’s voice. It can include conversations, speeches, interviews, a baby’s heartbeat, or audio featuring their voice. Your artist will incorporate the voice recording into the QR code. The voice recording will play when you scan the QR code.

The artist will print the QR code together with any portrait you want. It can be an image of your family, a friend, or anyone you love. Because it is a traditional portrait, you can hang it anywhere in your home or place it in your loved one’s physical memorial.

Benefits of Voice Memorial Portraits

Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences we can face in life. It can be difficult to come to terms with their absence and find comfort in our memories of them. That’s where voice memorial portraits come in. 

Whether you are currently experiencing grief or simply want to celebrate the life of someone special, a voice memorial portrait can be a meaningful and powerful way to do so.

A Lasting Connection

One of the primary benefits of voice memorial portraits is the ability to hear the loved one’s voice again. Hearing their voice can be a powerful way to reconnect with them and feel their presence. It can be comforting to listen to their words and remind you of the sound of their voice, especially during times when we miss them the most.

By preserving their voice, future generations can learn about the person’s life and hear their stories and memories firsthand. It can be precious for children who may not have had the opportunity to know the person.

Emotional Support

Another way that a voice memorial portrait can provide emotional support is by offering a creative outlet for grief. Creating a voice memorial portrait can be a cathartic and healing process, allowing us to express our emotions uniquely and creatively. 

By incorporating the loved one’s voice into a real work of art, we can honor their memory and find comfort in a creative process. A person’s voice is a distinctive part of who they are, and hearing it can help loved ones remember their unique qualities and characteristics.

Healing and Closure

The act of creating a voice memorial portrait can be a healing experience in and of itself. It can provide an outlet for creative expression and serve as a way to process the emotions associated with grief. It can be a meaningful way to say goodbye, honor their memory, and remind them of the love and connection we shared with them. 

While it may seem challenging to find comfort during this time, a voice memorial portrait can be a powerful tool for healing and closure. They may feel more comfortable talking to the recording of the person’s voice, as if they are speaking to the person directly.


Voice memorial portraits can also provide a sense of personalization and flexibility. Depending on the type of portrait created, there are many ways to incorporate the loved one’s voice. This personalization and flexibility can allow us to create a voice memorial portrait that truly reflects the unique personality and spirit of our loved one.

You can customize a voice memorial portrait with additional features like lighting or other visual effects to create a truly unique and personalized tribute. 

The Comforting Power of Voice Memorial Portraits in Times of Grief

Finding comfort and solace can be complicated and overwhelming in times of grief. However, voice memorial portraits from Memorialize Art offer a powerful way to connect with and honor the memory of a loved one who has passed away. By tangibly preserving their voice, voice memorial portraits provide a lasting connection and comfort in times of sorrow.

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