In the exploration of human consciousness and spirituality, substances like alcohol, weed, LSD, and mushrooms often emerge as tools for initiation into higher frequencies. This article delves into the idea that these substances represent specific frequencies and serve as initiation points, but they are not essential for reaching those states. The wisdom shared by TheYeshuani on TikTok offers a unique perspective on how to navigate these experiences without becoming dependent on external substances.

The Frequency of Substances

Alcohol, weed, LSD, mushrooms—these substances each exist at a certain frequency. Particularly, plant medicines are known to embody specific frequencies that they represent. When we consume these substances, it’s like an initiation into a frequency our bodies may not have experienced before. This initiation can feel like reaching a high state, but it’s not something unattainable without these substances. They act as a form of healing, showing us that higher frequencies exist beyond our usual experiences.

Empowerment Through Self-Discovery

The primary lesson here is empowerment. The true purpose of these substances is to show us that the states they induce can be found within us. They serve as reminders that we don’t need to rely on external sources to achieve certain states of mind. Instead, we should strive to maintain our center, uphold our highest self, and act from that place regardless of external circumstances.

The Risk of Dependency

One significant issue arises when we don’t understand the role of these substances. Many people become dependent on them to achieve certain states, like feeling less self-conscious or dampening an overwhelming nervous system. This is especially true for neurodivergent individuals who may find comfort in these substances as they help them navigate social situations or reduce sensory overload.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that these substances are merely permission slips to feel a certain way. For example, alcohol can help us drop inhibitions and feel more relaxed, but it’s simply an excuse we use to allow ourselves to experience that state. Realizing that we can achieve these feelings on our own is a powerful step toward self-sufficiency and empowerment.

Beyond the Frequency

Interestingly, as one progresses on their spiritual journey, they may surpass the frequency of the substances they once relied on. What was once an initiation into a higher state can become obsolete. This means that continued use may eventually feel like a step backward. Recognizing this shift is essential for personal growth and understanding that these frequencies are accessible from within.

Achieving States Naturally

Rather than relying on external substances, we should work on developing the desired states organically. If social anxiety is an issue, for example, boosting confidence through practice and self-affirmation can provide a lasting solution. Substances should not be seen as the only means to achieve a particular state; they are temporary aids that can sometimes mislead us into thinking we are powerless without them.


In summary, substances like alcohol, weed, LSD, and mushrooms can initiate us into higher frequencies, but they are not necessary for reaching those states. They are tools that, when understood correctly, empower us to find those frequencies within ourselves. The journey is about self-discovery and realizing that everything we seek externally can be cultivated internally. By focusing on organic growth and confidence, we can achieve lasting states of mind that do not rely on external substances.

Remember, the key to true empowerment lies within. Substances may serve as guides, but the ultimate journey is an internal one. Embrace your inner power and explore the frequencies within you.

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