Let’s test something. Close your eyes and think about the best trip of your life. Now do the same and think about your favorite food. Did both of these make you smile and feel good? It’s easy to see that traveling and food are very important experiences in human existence, and both have the ability to move us deeply. So next time you’re about to embark on a trip, why not mix travel and food and create a perfect adventure combo that will leave you breathless? 

Food travel is a type of travel that involves exploring a destination by trying its best foods and drinks. Eating and drinking have always been connected with leisurely activities, but if you choose to make a culinary trip, expect a lot more excitement than just eating and relaxing. Gastronomic trips are very much motivated to get you moving, engaging in food preparation, and exploring the area with like-minded people. Now that we have a clear definition of food travel, let’s see how to plan the culinary trip of your dreams: 

Do your research

Investigate the local cuisine of your destination before making travel plans. Learn about the traditional foods and culinary techniques utilized by the locals, as well as the ingredients they use. You can use this information to organize your meal schedule and get a sense of what to anticipate. Through research, you will know just what to focus on in order to experience the destination’s food in the best way possible. Find the top local eateries, coffee shops, and food markets as well, so you can hit the ground running once you arrive. 

Create a budget

Food tourism has many pros, but one of the rare cons of this travel mode is the price. Culinary trips and tours can be expensive, so planning your budget is essential if you don’t want to come back home absolutely broke. In some cases, dining at local high-end restaurants can seriously set you back budget-wise, but so can buying ingredients for cooking classes and sampling artisan foods. If you want to save up yet still have a perfect culinary trip, consider focusing on street foods and buying fresh products from farmer’s markets. There are also discounts you can pick up if you choose to eat lunch instead of dinner or focus on weekdays instead of weekends. 

Be bold and adventurous

While traveling away from home, don’t be scared to leave your comfort zone and try new things whenever you can. This goes for various adventures and meetings, but especially for food. You might be hesitant to try new flavors and dishes and hit restaurants that you might not choose at home, but this is where the beauty of culinary travel lies. For instance, try to find the best steakhouse at your location and see what they have to offer in terms of cuts and preparation styles. This might not be your first choice of dinner at home, but you’re guaranteed to leave surprised and full. 

Make a list of top foods to try

On your trip, you will probably come across many foods you want to try, but you’ll most likely not have enough money, time, or stomach space to try them all. And it would be such a shame to spend money and time on the “wrong” foods! To avoid temptations, make a list of all the top foods you want to experience on your trip. Make sure to put traditional and authentic dishes at the top, as well as something that might push your picky eaters to try new stuff, so you can really get a sense of the destination. This way, you’ll have a clear sense of where you’re going and won’t fill out on subpar foods and miss on any real stars of the show. 

Book in advance

If you might be nervous about missing out on any important foods you want to try, don’t hesitate to book your tables and tours in advance. This goes for visiting local breweries and wineries, having a spot at famous restaurants, booking cooking classes and food tours, etc. By booking in advance, you won’t leave disappointed to miss out on any important experiences due to sold-out tours or no vacancies in restaurants. 

Even though it can be a lot of fun, organizing a culinary excursion needs meticulous organization and preparation. You may create an outstanding food-filled trip by doing your homework on the local cuisine, devising a budget plan, compiling a list of dishes you really must taste, reserving experiences in advance, and being daring. So start doing it now and enjoy all the mouthwatering sights, sounds, and flavors the world has to offer!

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