Small in size, Belgium has an intriguing and extremely rich past. It is the centre of Europe, leading a contented and prosperous existence. You would be very astonished to learn that the country’s primary mode of transportation is the bicycle and that the tall “Pissing Boy” fountain, which has served as the nation’s emblem for almost 300 years, is the major draw here rather than the cathedrals or even the NATO offices.

So these are the towns in Belgium that you absolutely must explore. The towns of Belgium are all distinctive in their own way. Even the most remote region of the nation can be appealing. However, the majority of tourists are used to viewing only the city of Brussels. Brussels is also a must-see, but if you have a lot of journey time, you shouldn’t restrict your trip to just Brussels.

But let’s deal with the practicalities first before you start exploring this lovely nation. As was already stated, many travellers start and finish their journeys in Brussels, but because it’s so populated, you run the risk of encountering con artists. When you get to Brussels, you can escape this by renting an AtoB airport transfer Brussels and not having to worry about anything. There is a large selection of airport taxi classes, highly educated drivers, and a fixed fee on the airport transfer website.

Now that you’ve worked out how to get there, let’s talk about the places that, if you’re considering taking a flight to Belgium, should be at the top of your list.


Since everyone travels to the capital, it is no longer such a distinct location, but it is still essential to see. Brussels is the very centre of Europe, therefore. The opulent ancient Grand Place is home to the NATO and EU offices in Brussels. Many visitors who have been there claim that the atmosphere is so intense that after a while it begins to feel as though you are truly several centuries in the past. In addition to the past, you can also see the Atomium, a distinctive building. Similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it serves as a representation of contemporary Brussels.

In addition, there are a lot of unusual locations like the Galerie Royales, which will soon be added to the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. Hire an airport taxi and go to the Place de Jeu de Balle, a market where residents enjoy buying if you’re searching for something a little unusual. Along with the goods, you’ll discover strange curios that might be historically significant. Don’t neglect to spend an evening at a jazz bar in Brussels, the city that invented the genre!


You need a change of atmosphere after Brussels, and Ostend is a fantastic choice! Take an airport transfer to Ostend, the most well-liked coastal resort in Belgium. Locals enjoy coming here on the weekends to stroll along the lovely walkway and relax on the wide sandy beaches. A second existence starts in Ostend at night! There are many locations to go out and have a good time. The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul is the city’s sole magnificent neo-gothic structure, and it will undoubtedly appear on your Instagram. It’s a beautiful location with a unique atmosphere that you should visit.


You can rent an AtoB Brussels airport taxi and travel 30 minutes to the lovely city of Leuven. The largest institution in Flanders is located here, and the city’s streets are alive at night thanks to the large student population. Leuven Town Hall is, in our view, the most attractive structure and a genuine cause to visit this location. Its loveliness will stay in your memory, as well as the memory of your followers. It is best to visit this place on the weekends when there are few people around. The reason is that on days like these, everyone returns home, making it the perfect time to stroll through Leuven’s charming cobblestone streets and historic centre. Along with cafés and restaurants, the centre has a market.


After the smaller cities mentioned above, Antwerp is a fascinating metropolis to think about. It is both Belgium’s biggest port and its second-largest metropolis. This city was regarded as the biggest centre of European commerce because traders from all over the globe have brought their goods here for ages. But in the twenty-first century, it is simply a classy and distinguished metropolis with hip boutiques, art galleries, and diamond jewellery stores. Because this metropolis is not as well-known as Brussels, it also earned our top position. In comparison to Brussels, it’s a bit of a balance; there are fewer people here, but there is a lot of activity. Nightlife is also prevalent and vibrant here. It is suggested that you take advantage of the airport taxi and enjoy yourself.


Our story comes to a close in one of Europe’s most picturesque towns. Visitors will enjoy strolling through the café-filled, cobblestoned alleyways of medieval Bruges, which offer lovely access to the plaza or the city’s winding waterways. The spires of historic buildings can be seen above all of this natural grandeur. You can arrange airport transfer and travel here during the week for the fewest number of people feasible. The Holy Cross Gate, the bell tower, St. Salvator’s Church, the Gruninge Museum, and many others are just a few of the city’s many attractions. There is a unique ambience created by all these old structures.

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