Unusual resources that can help when you travel alone

Are you already organizing a trip alone or do you plan to do it one day? So don’t miss the most useful tools, websites, and apps that can help when you travel alone, they will make your preparation work much easier. Here you will find everything you need, and discover the best websites to organize a trip. Let’s start!


Skyscanner is one of the most useful web pages for travel: compare millions of flights around the world and do it absolutely for free. Skyscanner is your place to search for flights. It is very fast and efficient, allowing to campare offers and flight combinations between many airline and travel agency websites. In this way, it gives you the best offers and the cheapest prices when buying a plane ticket. It allows filtering by prices and searching by dates or destinations, both on iOS and Android.

– Search by dates:

Skyscanner allows you to search by ‘Full month’ or ‘Cheapest month’. In this way, if you have open dates to travel, this option is great for finding the cheapest flights. In addition, when you carry out a regular search by dates and with the city of origin and destination, once this search has been carried out, the option “Show the whole month” will appear. It is another way to get your trips cheaper without having to carry out eternal searches for days.

– Search by destination:

Can’t you decide where to go? Do you have doubts about your next tripdestination? If you are not sure about your destination but you want to travel on certain dates, Skyscanner will help. You will select the city of origin and the dates on which you want to make your trip and Skyscanner will show you the different options that you can consider for your adventure. You can compare prices and choose the option that suits you best. This tool is very useful to help you choose a place and to make a cheap trip.


Another of the best websites to organize a trip is Booking. It is the accommodation search engine par excellence, the best positioned, and with the most market offer. It covers all types of accommodation, from large luxury hotels to rural houses, campsites, and cheaper hostels. Many of the reservations made through Booking usually have free cancellation, at least until a few days before the arrival date.

Booking also has loyalty programs, Genius Program, that is, the more you stay with them, the more discounts and promotions you will get. They make discounts and match the price if you find it cheaper on another website.

Web Holafly:

Do you want to have the internet wherever you travel? If Roaming is not free at your destination, you will not have to pay again for its services, which are not exactly cheap. The solution is the Holafly Sim Card where you only pay for the purchase of your card, without hidden costs or unexpected bills.

In which countries does this SIM card operate? Well, in countless places: North America, Japan, China, Canada, Thailand, Chile, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and many others. Standard shipping that arrives within 48 hours is free. If you want more information, you can consult the Holafly’s website.


PhoneHistory is one of the best sites to get the information of any callers. Using this website, you can easily identify unknown callers and texters. It provides free reverse text and phone lookup service and gets complete information about any contact number. Whether you need to check the phone number of a potential landlord or your new acquaintance, PhoneHistory will help.

Rental Cars:

Where are you going to travel? Do you need a rental car? Surely yes. Traveling by car offers us wonderful freedom anywhere. Rental Cars is a rental company with competitive prices and good service in case of any problem. With more than 900 suppliers in 160 countries, you will surely find the perfect car in the right place.

If you want to travel without worries, Rental Cars offers premium coverage for a little more money. We recommend that you always contract this option, as that way you will avoid unexpected surprises and you will travel much more relaxed.

Google Maps:

Without a doubt, Google Maps is one of the best websites to organize a trip. It offers you the opportunity to mark on the map everything you want to visit, thus generating your own maps that you can make before traveling. It will also guide you with his GPS on your adventure. It is one of the most useful pages since you can download the maps before the trip and thus, you can use them even if the internet connection fails or if you want to save mobile data.


TripAdvisor is a tourism platform that allows you to research the opinions of other users. It is used it a lot to get to know the best restaurants in places you don’t know. It is undoubtedly a world reference in the hospitality and tourism sector, with millions of user comments.


Wikiloc is a page and also an application that allows you to create, discover and share outdoor routes with geographical references. Thousands of waypoints, trails, and other places of interest around the world await you. You will find routes on foot, by bike, by motorcycle, by kayak, and through other activities. A whole creative world by and for the user.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to rent a car or bring your own on an international trip, remember to register for an international driver’s permit. You can do this online or through your local auto hub. This will allow you to be ready to hit foreign roads and avoid any legal issues that may come with it which could be a problem, especially when traveling alone. IDPs also serve as a legal form of identification in some countries.

World Nomads

Travel insurance is a series of services contracted to insurance companies that usually cover medical expenses, loss of luggage, flight accidents, and other incidents that may occur during a trip.

The best travel insurance is always the one that gives us the best coverage and, of course, at the best price. We must look for a combination of these two factors and never contract insurance because it is the cheapest, it must be contracted with a serious company that responds at the time of the accident.

You can choose one of the best travel insurances at World Nomads. This site offers a fairly good amount and which is usually more than enough to cover any mishap on your trip. In any case, depending on your trip, the activities you are going to do, their level of risk, etc. You should always choose the most convenient toppings.

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