Traveling light has become the preferred way to pack and go, especially with a recent uptick in flight delays and cancellations. You don’t have to choose between looking good and wheeling around three pieces of luggage or looking like your bags were lost in Tahiti two weeks ago. Keeping a carry-on bag of essentials with you prevents unnecessary headaches from lost luggage, sprinting from gate to gate with your suitcases, or paying costly baggage check fees. Learn how to stay stylish and maintain your health on your trip without packing more than you need.

Traveling Light While Looking Stylish

Plan According to Itinerary 

The first step in packing light is planning smart. Know the itinerary where you are going and what you are doing for the duration of your trip. You won’t need to plan down to the exact minute of every day, so don’t worry about taking the spontaneity out of your journey. Here are some essential activities to keep in mind while you’re packing:

  • Formal dinners 
  • Business meetings 
  • Funerals or weddings 
  • Swimming or special gear 
  • Casual wear 
  • Current temperature 
  • Weather patterns

Prevent Waste 

Sometimes, checking a bag can actually prevent wasting money and products. If you are packing toiletries, vitamins, or brain health supplements, check the specific airline guidelines before deciding whether to bring them in your carry-on or if you should check your luggage. For example, even though eating seafood and fish is sometimes desirable while traveling, many people don’t like to take the risk due to the potential of food poisoning. Brain health supplements are a practical way to include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet while on the go if you’re skipping the seafood buffet. Make sure to check your airlines, including connecting flights and airlines, to see what works and doesn’t for packing guidelines.

Choose Transitional Pieces 

Even if you have a menagerie of every event scheduled that can be imagined, you can still pack light and look good. The solution to meeting the needs of different engagements is to first outfit your regular closet with transitional pieces that transfer from day to night with ease and then to bring those along for the ride when you head off to the islands, ancient ruins, or the big city lights.

Stick With Three Color Schemes 

No one likes to talk about the valuable practicality of a monochrome wardrobe, but it’s so valid. White, gray, and black are cure-alls to traveling light. Not only can the three be purposed for airy and light, but they can also transition for formal, casual, and general-purpose.

Lose the Closet of Shoes 

Many people are fond of traveling in crocs or flip-flops right now. Not only are crocs comfortable, but they are highly fashionable and trending in famous circles. However, crocs aren’t usually traditional wedding, funeral, or formal business meeting attire. Pack a travel pair, a standard pair, and an athletic pair.

Use the Proper Packing Technique 

You might be tempted to fold your clothing neatly just as you would at home, but don’t. Roll your garments tightly to prevent wrinkling. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t fold, you should know that suitcase stuffers are the bane of quick and efficient packing that decreases the need for excess baggage expenses and study up on how to do it right.

Prevent Overpacking 

Worriers are the second most significant threat to light travel. If you don’t need 12 pairs of undergarments in one week when you are at home, you won’t need them when you are out. If you’re afraid that suddenly your pants will be soiled and you’ll need seven extra pants to accommodate the endless dirtying, this is an unfounded fear that you will have to work through before the wheels go up.

No matter where you are going or what you are doing, you can choose statement pieces in primary colors that will fulfill your clothing requirements for any engagement. Go from day to night by sprucing up your hair or make-up and swapping out shoes, rather than switching the whole outfit—travel light by packing smart and stylish.

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