Tour du Mont Blanc

For hikers, 2021 was a year of summits. According to Mt. Sobek travel experts, the best hikes included some African heights like the Tanzania Climb and Summit Kilimanjaro, the Cordillera Blanca in Peru, Cusco and Machu Picchu Trek, and not to be forgotten, the Everest base camp trek, among others.

The past year felt more outside with the intense high-altitude hikes. However, 2023 promises continental lengths to trek. Perhaps this is why Mt. Sobek travel experts rank the trek around Western Europe’s highest mountain as topping the list of 2023 best hikes

This illustrious hiking adventure is none other than the Tour du Mont Blanc hiking tour. The Tour du Mont Blanc hike stretches over three of Europe’s classical countries: France, Italy and Switzerland, spanning more than 105 miles with an estimated hiking duration of 12 days, from arrival to departure.

Mont Blanc hiking tour presents a rich mix of three countries’ cultures and cuisines. The grand welcoming resorts at the restful town of Chamonix in France after arriving at Geneva refreshes hikers for the 10-day-long hiking circuit. 

For experienced hikers, a luxurious evening rest is enough of an appetizer for the multi-day hiking adventure. However, trekking in the Alps will take more than just experience to beat. Preparing for Tour du Mont Blanc, hikers must take note of the identified expectations. 

According to the Tour du Mont Blanc, hikers trekking in the Alps should anticipate uphill routes across mountainous trails, possible changes in the climate oscillating between hot and cold weather, and even snow at high mountain passes. The Tour du Mont Blanc map also indicates high elevation points up to 8,478ft.

Tour du Mont Blanc guide for hikers
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But the Mont Blanc walking tours also present some excitement and comfort to trekkers. While sharing their most cherished experiences, the aggregate view of some past Mont Blanc hikers is that the walk from Argentiere, just above Chamonix, to Les Houches presents the most dazzling views of the Alps. Also, hikers are assured of the presence of experienced guides through the Mont Blanc hike. Mt Sobek provides the best Mont Blanc tour guides boasting 40 years of experience in leading treks in the Alps. 

However, the idea of a Tour du Mont Blanc self-guided hike is also welcomed. Self-guided packages for the hike are now common and include a Mont Blanc trail map and itineraries for the trek. Either way, Tour du Mont Blanc tour companies are invested in preparing hikers for an epic hike in 2023. 

Whether you are choosing to take the Tour du Mont Blanc self-guided or you prefer to rely on the services of seasoned guides, there are crucial tips to consider while planning to walk the alps.

1. Get fit for alps walking

One of the crucial steps in preparing for the Tour du Mont Blanc hike is building stamina. This is probably why most experienced hikers will easily acclimatize to the multi-day trekking adventure. 

Tour du Mont Blanc trekkers appreciate the essence of fitness. Older hikers who train in advance handle the trek well though in their 50s and 60s. The estimated 10-day Mont Blanc hike can be quite exerting.

So, try working with these tips:  

  • Build stamina by taking frequent hikes in preparation. 
  • Practice backpacking so you get used to the strain on your back during the long-distance Alps walking. You can choose items you will need during the hike, water, snacks, or gear to ease into the hiking mode.
  • For older hikers, especially 45-65-year olds, getting into the right cardio condition is important. You don’t want to deal with a low heart rate hiking uphill Mont Blanc. Engage in regular exercise programs and watch as your heart rate builds up. It is advisable to draw up your exercise programs with your doctor for a rewarding exercising experience.
  • Training with a fitness coach. Adjusting to the right physical training routine will optimize your Tour du Mont Blanc hiking experience. Training experts reveal that preparation for Alps walking demands regular training from a minimum of 3 months before you set out. The added benefit of an expert trainer is the drafting of a training routine customized to fit your medical history.

2. Pick the best time to go on the Tour du Mont Blanc  

Veterans will understand the importance of picking an appropriate time for hiking. Seasoned hikers and tour companies agree that the best hiking conditions are in warm and breezy weather. 

Also, studies establish that the best temperature for hiking is below 300C. Seasonal weather variations for the Tour du Mont Blanc feature a peak hiking season between July and August due to the comfortable summer weather and general warmth. 

Here are some weather preparations veteran Mont Blanc hikers make:

  • Plan for July or August. If you intend to get into shape before going on the Tour du Mont Blanc keep the summer period in mind for the end of your fitness venture.
  • Keep in mind that the Tour du Mont Blanc guide indicates that the Alps climate oscillates from hot to cold and sometimes to snow. Therefore, you should take weather precautions by packing waterproof wear for humid weather or a sun hoody during hot weather.
  • Check for weather forecasts on weather apps and websites like weather underground, AccuWeather, and Radarscope.
  • Picking the best time also includes planning your 10-day hiking routine. If you prefer early morning walks be prepared to set out at 6AM. However, if you choose to hike into the sunset ensure you don’t miss dinner between 6:30 and 7:30 pm.  

3. Explore Tour du Mont Blanc packages for Solo travel

Explore Tour du Mont Blanc packages for Solo travel
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Solo travels on the Tour du Mont Blanc trek provide amazing experiences. Most solo traveling groups share exciting and fulfilling experiences meeting and hiking with people from diverse demography and backgrounds. 

You can choose to travel solo with a seasoned guide to expertly trek you through the difficult terrain of the Alps. or if you prefer the self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc trekking experience, you can still enjoy every bit of the experience while hiking safely with your solo traveling group. 

Consider these few tips for solo travel:   

  • Connect with solo traveling groups before you start hiking. Hiking with familiar faces makes the trek much more comfortable, especially on self-guided tours.
  • Indicate your accommodation preference while hiking with solo travelers. There are available options for same-sex accommodation for your social safety. 
  • If you prefer to trek solo it is not advisable to hike without a guide. 

4. Rethink family treks in the Alps

A family trek in the Alps is a good summer idea and can spike excitement levels for hikers. The experience is better for families of trekkers. However, for newbies who desire a thrilling hiking experience or families with kids with no prior hiking records or training it might be difficult to sustain the interest you set out with. 

Having kids in the hiking group can raise frustration levels, worries over safety, and constant complaints of tiredness and body aches. Do the following to build a formidable family trekking group:

  • Gradually introduce the exercise to your kids by leading them on small treks.
  • Help them build stamina by engaging them in preparatory physical training routines.
  • Watch out for the best budget hikes for families to save costs.

5. Keep an updated Mont Blanc hiking kit list

The most crucial factor while packing for the Tour du Mont Blanc trek is to have an eye for details. You don’t want to miss essential hiking needs, and yes, your packing list should include essentials because nothing emphasizes lightweight than Alps walking. 

Overpacking can lead to fatigue and unbearable back strains you didn’t bargain for. To prevent this, use these precautionary measures:

  • Know the recommended weight for the Tour du Mont Blanc and pack accordingly. Usually, the standard weight is 10kg. 
  • First aid equipment is as essential as the snacks in your backpack. Do not leave them out.
  • Bring your trekking poles along or be prepared to rent or buy at Chamonix.


The 10 days of hiking on the Tour du Mont Blanc may have its ups and downs but it is the best test for your hiking performance. Ticking off Mont Blanc hiking tour off your bucket list creates an immense sense of fulfillment in conquering one of Europe’s most iconic treks. You can’t accomplish this feat by fantasizing. Follow these tips to plan adequately for your epic 2023 hike.    

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