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Are you ready to explore the city of Boise? Take a look at our list of top attractions in Boise, Idaho, and consider exploring the following must-see sights and attractions.

Boise River Greenbelt

If you ever visit Boise, Idaho, you must see this landmark. The Boise Greenbelt is an attraction for the whole family. It stretches over the Boise River and the city. It connects more than 800 acres of land, greenery, and parks. So, if you want to explore the city by walking or cycling, this is the place you’ll want to see.

Besides having a place to walk or ride a bike without any vehicles driving around, Boise River Greenbelt offers an amazing view of the city’s landmarks. If you decide to walk here, you’ll pass by the Boise State University, Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, and many other must-see attractions.

State Capitol

If you’d love to explore the top attractions in Boise and you love history, you should visit the State Capitol. The building itself is extraordinary – it’s built with a mix of marble and local sandstone. State Capitol offers different exhibits you could explore, as well as the regular tour of the Capitol. Once you are done admiring the exterior of the building, make sure to check for the Capitol’s operating hours and join one of the daily tours. If you are a history enthusiast and looking for an educational activity for your kids, don’t miss out on this landmark.

Old Idaho Penitentiary State Historic Site

When it comes to top attractions in Boise, Idaho, this is another one for history lovers. Today, Old Idaho Penitentiary State Historic Site is a museum and a historic site for tourists. However, more than a century ago, it was a place for housing inmates. The site is quite big – it includes 30 historical structures including jail cells and the Solitary Confinement area. Make sure to check out one of the educational exhibits on the site.

Besides the historic point of view, this facility organizes different events all year round. If you happen to be in Boise in October (during Halloween), you should check out their tour for paranormal investigations or a cemetery tour.

Idaho Botanical Garden

Within the same district as the Old Idaho Penitentiary State Historic Site is the Idaho Botanical Garden. It’s one of the top attractions in Boise you should see. It offers a variety of gardens in bloom throughout most of the year. Here you can see 14 specialty gardens with a variety of trees and other plants, as well as the famous Rose Garden that presents more than 300 kinds of roses.

If you’re visiting Boise with your family and kids, this is a place you’ll want to see. If you’re planning a summer holiday or visiting this city in autumn, Idaho Botanical Garden organizes various events you should visit. One of the most famous ones is Scarecrow Stroll (October). During winter, you can enjoy the “aGlow” event – when the garden is illuminated with more than 500,000 lights.

World Center for Birds of Prey

Besides historic and horticultural sites, Boise has a lot more to offer. World Center for Birds of Prey is located in this city, and it’s a great way to explore wildlife with your family. Take your loved ones to see rare preserved birds or see live species all in one place. Owls, hawks, falcons, and eagles are just some of the birds of prey you will encounter here. When it comes to families with children, this is one of the top attractions in Boise to visit.

Camel’s Back Park

Speaking of family-friendly activities in Boise, Camel’s Back Park is another site you should see. This is a popular space for outdoor activities like tennis or picnic. With over 11 acres of parks and green spaces, you will have plenty of things to enjoy here. If you come with kids, make sure to check different playgrounds, an outdoor gym, and an open-play space.

A little bit about Boise, Idaho

When it comes to the life in Boise, it’s one of the best cities for families since it’s famous for its greenery, parks, and lots of open spaces. Boise also has great schools, which is a good reason to move here with kids. If you’re planning a relocation to this city, you won’t have trouble finding a new home. Once you organize moving assistance, you can also look for affordable storage facilities in the city and put your belongings in a unit. Overall, moving to this city is a great opportunity for families as well as for small business owners.

Once we covered some of the top attractions in Boise, Idaho, let’s learn a few basics about this city. Boise is the most populous city in the state of Idaho, and it is home to over 230,000 residents. The Boise River runs through the city which is 824m above sea level.

The Downtown area of the city is its cultural center, where plenty of small businesses grow. If you decide to move to Boise, Idaho, you should visit the Downtown area for different shops, restaurants, and historic sites.

Moving to Boise, Idaho soon?

If you’re planning to live in this city, make sure to start organizing your move as soon as possible. Since it’s a relatively small city, you might want to look for housing at least a month or two before the move. The first thing you should decide is whether you should rent or buy a home here – both options are available. Experts from peasleyboisemovers.com advise looking for housing early on since it gives you more time to plan your moving day. If you have a large household to move into, don’t forget to look for moving assistance in the city. The sooner you book them – the easier and cheaper your relocation will be.

Don’t forget to visit Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

Before you decide whether you want to move to Boise, Idaho, or just visit the city for a few days, here’s another must-see sight. Whether you’re a history lover or want to teach your kids more about it, make sure to visit Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. As one of the top attractions in Boise, Idaho, this is an educational park located on over 80 acres of land. Plenty of tourists come to visit this place every year. This Human Rights Memorial is inspired by the faith and humanity shown by Anne Frank. As much as it is a site for educational purposes, it’s also part of a memorable family vacation and a place to find inspiration and hear interesting historic facts about Anne Frank’s life.


Whether you plan to move to this city or just visit it for a few days, we hope our list offered some inspiration. There are plenty of must-see sights and landmarks here, but we listed some of the top attractions in Boise, Idaho you should see. With so many historic sites, parks, and landmarks, you will have plenty of things to enjoy during your stay in Boise.

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