Tips for How To Plan the Perfect Outdoor Getaway

An outdoor vacation is a great way to relax and recharge. However, outdoor vacations require more preparation and planning than other types of vacations. Keep reading to learn some tips for how to plan the perfect outdoor getaway.

Pick the Right Location

If there’s an area where you’d like to go, learn about the common weather conditions beforehand so you can avoid hazardous conditions. For example, mountainous locations can be dangerous during winter months due to wind and ice. Find out if the destination is popular with tourists as well so you can plan around tourist season, which often hits coastal and other water destinations during the summer. Once you know the location and weather, you can get a map to study the area and pack accordingly.

Be Physically Prepared

While spending time outside is great for your mind and body, it also comes with dangers that you need to be prepared for. If you’re hiking to a specific camping spot or have to set up your tent by yourself, you’ll need to have good balance and significant upper body strength. You’ll also need to know some basic survival skills, such as first-aid and how to secure food.

Bring Appropriate Technology

Going on an outdoor retreat implies not using technology, but you should always have a way to call for help in case of an emergency. Some people prefer to bring along a two-way radio such as FRS Radio, since they only require batteries, but you can also install a cell signal booster in your vehicle so you can continue to use your cell phone. While this will require access to electricity or a portable phone charger, it will allow you to contact more people than a radio.

Share Your Plans

If you’re going on an outdoor retreat alone, share your plans with someone so that someone always knows where you are at certain times. That way if anything comes up that someone back home needs to share with you or you need to share with someone there, you’ve already established your whereabouts and a way to share information. Even if you’re travelling in a group, share each day’s plans with each other so no one is accidentally unaccounted for.

Picking the right location, being physically prepared, bringing appropriate technology, and sharing your plans are just some tips for how to plan the perfect outdoor getaway that will keep you safe. Give yourself plenty of time to unwind and decompress before venturing back to civilization.

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