Holidays are always one of the joyous parts of the year. They really get under your skin, don’t they? Movies, ornaments, an opportunity to see friends and family members you haven’t seen for an entire year, presents… These things get giddy even for the grouchiest types in the world.

Be that as it may, all these things can make our daily pace more than hectic and the lifestyles we endure during this season don’t make this situation any easier. These things can pose a problem for any person, let alone kidney patients who already endure different daily obstacles.

Well, let’s not break the spirit. Careful planning and healthy and responsible routines can go a long way in making this condition much more bearable. The holiday season is not an exception. Well, let us take a look then at how to ignite your spirit and enjoy the holidays stress-free.

Put the kidney-friendly food on your menu

The holiday season is known for the food and drink choices that aren’t usually considered healthy. Well, there are more than a few ways to get in the holiday mood while making responsible choices about your nutrition. With that in mind:

  • A high-protein breakfast will keep you fuelled and prevent you from overeating later in the day.
  • Be sure to take in enough fluids, with apple cider serving as an alternative to eggnog.
  • Avoid frozen turkeys high in sodium and phosphates.
  • Choose lower-potassium fruits like cranberries.
  • Use the non-dairy topics.
  • Double-boil potatoes and veggies to reduce the amount of potassium.
  • Prepare your meals and bring them along with you for a party.

Of course, as every kidney patient probably knows, you should try to stay properly hydrated all the way through.

Plan in advance and do things one step at a time

As we mentioned in the introduction, the holiday season can put a lot of pressure on people, regardless of whether they are experiencing some medical conditions or not. One of the best ways to get out of this maze is to plan ahead everything you want to and need to do during this season, break it down into small manageable chunks, and go through your to-do list one step at a time. So, take one day shopping for gifts, or even better, shop for items online. Prep the food some other day. Spreading out the small chores like these as thin as possible will definitely make everything ahead of you less challenging.

Make sure you are safe when traveling

Make sure you are safe when traveling

Holidays usually imply some sort of travel even if you are just buzzing around the state to visit family members. While this is something, by all means, within your reach, there are a couple of ways to make these forays even safer. First, be sure to always have your medical record and research the local dialysis centers. Booking the treatments in advance will help you enjoy your stress-free holiday and have to deal with others’ schedules. Researching the local kidney-patient-friendly restaurants and hotels, as well as having your travel insurance in place will also prove to be of tremendous help.

Keep your health in high gear

Dealing with chronic kidney disease is already challenging. You don’t need to make this situation even more difficult by compromising your overall health. Therefore, be sure to take a seasonal flu shot since hemodialysis patients are far less likely to be hospitalized for flu than patients who were not vaccinated. Also, light workouts like short walks and leg lifts can do wonders for your immune system and dialysis treatments. You don’t need to do anything taxing – short sessions of 20 minutes will more than suffice. If you don’t have enough time, two 10-minute workouts will serve you just fine.

Be sure to take care of yourself first

Nobody likes to appear needy. That is why people experiencing chronic medical conditions tend to put their needs under the rug and try to accommodate others. Don’t make such a mistake. You are experiencing a very serious medical problem. Others need to be aware of that and accommodate you, not vice-versa. So, keep your friends and family up to date with your current condition and daily routines. Also, remember that you can’t do everything alone. Ask people to help you with chores and holiday activities, and they will be more than glad to lend you a hand. You just need to be open.

Take care of the medical treatments on time

Take care of the medical treatments on time

Holidays are known for the endless rush and shortages. Well, bizarrely enough, things are not that different when it comes to medical supplies and treatments. But, you need to take into account that you are not the only person experiencing chronic kidney problems. All other patients will want to get their drugs and book treatments in advance so they can have more leeway during the holiday season. Well, try to be one step ahead and take care of your medical necessities as soon as possible. Of course, all other activities and expenses should be tailored around these basic requirements.

Practice mental wellbeing

The whole point of holidays is to experience positive and empowering feelings. The point when they become a chore is when you know you are doing something wrong. So, remember to be grateful for the things you have instead of longing for the ones within your reach. Focus on the experiences and the time you spend with your loved ones, instead of pursuing material things. That is what the holidays are all about. You won’t remember the gifts you got but the pleasant times you had. Investing in these positive experiences will be the fuel you will use to deal with your therapy.

Well, we hope these couple of considerations helped you realize that the holidays can be just as joyful and engaging, even if you consume them at your own pace. And you should, by all means, put that in your focus. Every one of us is experiencing some sort of problem. They don’t prevent us from having joyful experiences. On the contrary – these positive experiences are what give us more strength to deal with anything life keeps throwing in our way. So, be aware of your condition and do whatever you can to cater to your needs. But don’t let this holiday season pass by. It is the most wonderful time of the year.

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