Whether traveling for a vacation getaway, an important family event, or a business trip, scoring an affordable airline ticket brings that dream journey closer to reality. With strategic planning and savvy browsing, you can uncover budget-friendly flight options without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

This guide shares insider strategies for locating cheap flights available at leading air ticket booking sites. Read on to start stretching your travel budget further through big air travel savings.

Compare Fares Across Airlines

Rather than sticking to your preferred airline by default, use flight comparison tools to view rate options across various carriers on your routes. Differences of just ₹500-1,000 add up fast, especially for group or multi-city bookings.

The top sites will let you easily compare fares and connections. Always check full-service airlines like Air India and budget carriers such as IndiGo, Spicejet, etc, side-by-side.

Factor in add-on fees for checked bags, snacks, and preferred seats when determining the best overall value.

Be Flexible with Travel Dates/Times

Most travelers have some leeway on exact departure and return times when planning trips. Choosing affordable travel periods and adapting takeoff times even slightly can reveal major fare differences.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday departures often have the best ticket rates over more popular Friday/Sunday times. Consider arriving late at night or early in the morning too, for cheaper flights. Extending or shortening your trip by a day or two may also unlock special discounts that do not appear otherwise.

Book Smartly in Advance

Airlines post new flight schedules and special discounted seats about 3 months ahead of time. Set reminders on your calendar to start searching for cheap tickets 60-90 days prior to your ideal travel timeframe.

Review airfare sales, then book if you are satisfied with the rates. Waiting longer than 45 days out often increases pricing by 30-50%. Double-check routes again 2 weeks before leaving, as airlines occasionally add new economy discount seats on underbooked flights.

Sign Up for Alerts and Sales

Every airline emails members special fare promotions a few times per year with short booking windows. Sign up at Cleartrip and directly through leading carriers for the fastest news on limited-time sales open to email subscribers and social media followers.

Discounted seats sell out incredibly quickly, so have flexible travel periods in mind with quick access to web booking when sales launch.

Consider Nearby Airports

Major metropolises often have multiple airports serving the broader region surrounding cities. Checking rates from all close proximity options sometimes reveals drastically lower fares compared to the largest or most convenient airport.

Smaller regional airports also tend to have lower taxes and surcharges as well, further maximizing savings. The extra ground transportation or parking costs you incur to reach alternate airports usually still amount to big net savings in the end.

Carefully Select Ancillary Services

Basic economy class tickets from low-cost carriers like IndiGo often set the baseline for cheap flight rates. However, these restrictive fares may charge extra fees for services typically free before, like seat selections or check baggage allowances.

Read all fare rules carefully during the booking process. Opt to pay a slightly higher fare if required amenities mean you avoid hundreds more in add-on fees later.

Use Reward Credits Strategically

Frequent flyer membership and co-branded credit card points offer versatile ways to save on air travel too. Many loyalty programs allow mixing points + cash to cover only a portion of flights. Using rewards for taxes and fees is an easy way to offset budget ticket costs further.


Getting started early with strategic planning makes finding delightfully cheap flights easy and affordable for travelers on any budget. Follow these tips when making a hotel booking through Cleartrip to maximize savings while journeying anywhere across India or worldwide.

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