Nowadays, it’s never been easier to take your pooch on a vacation, but your furry travel companion can add on costs to an already expensive trip. Before you take off, answer these important questions to build a better budget for your vacation.

1. Do They Need a Passport?

The idea of a pet passport, complete with a picture and paw print, is a cute one, but it serves a purpose beyond tugging at your heartstrings. It contains important travel documents, proving your dog has received all its essential vaccinations provided by a licensed veterinarian.

Without these documents, Fido can’t cross the border, so don’t forget to budget for this passport. It’s about $25–$100, depending on where you live and intend to visit.

2. Should You Get Pet Insurance?

If you plan on travelling internationally, you’ll also want to look into pet insurance. You can find special policies that cover veterinarian care outside your home country in case Fido gets sick or injured while abroad.

Dog owners get pet travel insurance for the same reasons humans get coverage for themselves. Getting care as a visitor in an unfamiliar town is usually much more expensive than if you were at home. 

3. Can You Set Aside Savings for the Unexpected?

Preparing your budget for an unexpected illness or injury is important, even if you’re travelling closer to home. Your dog can get car sick during a road trip, or they can nibble on something poisonous during one of your many pit stops.

It’s always a good idea to save a little extra on top of your projected budget to help cover emergency vet visits, medication, or unplanned overnight stops. Some extra-cautious pet owners may even investigate online direct lender loans pre-emptively to know what they need to apply for a loan online — just in case.

So, what is a direct online lender? In a nutshell, these financial institutions fund and service your online loan without any help from another company. Dealing with a single lender cuts out middlemen that can complicate or delay financing in an emergency. This way, you know what you need to apply for personal loan or line of credit as soon as your dog needs help.

4. Is Your Hotel Pet-Friendly?

Accommodations are another factor when you’re travelling long distances with your pet. Many budget motels, hotels, and all-inclusives don’t allow dogs on the premises unless they’re service animals, so be sure to check with their policies before you book a room.

If you’re finding it hard to book a hotel room with your pooch, consider booking through a rental site like Airbnb or VRBO. These services make it easy to narrow your search to animal-friendly rentals, so you don’t mistakenly book somewhere your dog can’t go.

5. Do You Need Special Travelling Gear?

You probably already have what you need to take Fido along for a ride to the cottage. They can hop into the back seat of your car and snooze while you drive, car packed with their food, bed, and medications.

Things get more complicated when you travel by air. Depending on the airline, you may have to provide a specific travel carrier. You may also have to pay extra fees for their ticket.

To find out what you need, visit the airline’s website, or call one of their representatives for help.

Don’t worry if these questions surprised you. It’s better now than when you’re on the road; plan around these expenses to help you travel with Fido without breaking the bank.

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