A summer vacation is the perfect way to take a load off during the warmer months. You’ll also create memories that last a lifetime while paddleboarding on the lake, fishing with friends, or traveling to international towns and cities.

A well-planned summer vacation can improve your health, too. Folks who forgo taking an annual vacation are 30% more likely to suffer from heart disease, while those who do travel report lower stress and higher creativity thanks to the trip.

Planning a holiday with your health in mind can be tricky. It’s always tempting to booze your way through a fortnight abroad, but doing so may undermine your long-term health and well-being. Instead, consider planning a wellness retreat that leaves you feeling renewed and refreshed.

Traveling in Comfort

A vacation is supposed to help you destress and bond with your family or friends. However, you may find that the stress of travel undermines your ability to enjoy your vacation. Travel in comfort by planning ahead and preparing for your time away from home. Before departure put together a list of considerations like:

  • Travel Itinerary: What time will your journey begin? Will you have any layovers or rest stops? Do you need to account for time-zone changes?
  • Medical Preparation: Do you have a supply of well-labeled prescription medication? Are you vaccinated appropriately for the location you want to visit?
  • Relaxation Techniques: Flying can be scary. Practice a few relaxation techniques like meditation and speak to a therapist if you’re worried about taking to the skies.

You can also reduce your travel stress by packing strategically before your summer vacation. Bring plenty of travel-sized toiletries to ensure that you’ll never be without sunscreen, toothpaste, deodorant, or other necessities.

When packing, remember to leave room for things that you pick up on your travels. A crammed suitcase may feel reassuring when you first enter the departure lounge, but you’ll need some space to bring back things like wellness goodies and memorabilia items. A light load can be particularly useful if you plan on hauling your own supplies while camping or backpacking.

Camping Outdoors

Camping and backpacking can give you a break from modern life’s trials and tribulations. You probably won’t have cell service while in the backcountry and can focus on life’s simple pleasures while huddled around the campfire.

Camping is a sustainable way to travel, too. You don’t have to fly internationally to find pristine lakes or reclusive campgrounds and can take comfort in the fact that your campsite fees help forest management efforts. Travel even more sustainably by disposing of your trash responsibly and packing lightly. While on the road, utilize cruise control to improve your fuel economy by 15 to 30%.

You can turn your backpacking trip into a wellness retreat by planning activities that boost creativity and help you unwind. For example, if you’re visiting an area of natural beauty, consider documenting the flora and fauna you find along the way through drawings or photographs. You can take Turks and Caicos Boat Rentals for an unforgettable experience.

Consider planning your trip to include a visit to natural hot springs and baths. Soaking in warm, naturally heated water can relieve physical pain and help you relax. The hot spring water will naturally turn off your fight or flight response and help you overcome symptoms related to fatigue. The heat from the soak can increase your metabolic rate and help with weight management, too. 

Practicing Self-Care

You don’t have to visit a natural hot spring or spa to practice self-care while on a summer vacation. Even a quick mental break from your daily travels can reduce your stress levels and improve your mental health.

If you’re traveling with the whole family, be sure to adapt your self-care plans for each generation. Older folks may need a longer vacation with increased downtime while younger Gen-Z folks may be stressed about paying for spas and massages. Plan a vacation that boosts everyone’s health by planning rest days and prioritizing sleep while you’re waiting around in the hotel.

Plan some health-boosting activities for yourself, too. There’s nothing wrong with planning some alone time to partake in activities like:

  • Jogging or hiking around the city;
  • A solo nature hike in a local park or woodland;
  • Read a book alone in a coffee shop or local library.

Sometimes, moments alone can be the most fulfilling part of a summer vacation. You shouldn’t feel guilty about treating yourself right, as doing so can help you be a better travel partner when you get back together with your party. Just be sure to protect your health and safety while traveling by turning on phone trackers and increasing your insurance to take care of any rolled ankles or grazed knees.


A summer vacation can improve your mental health and reduce your risk of conditions like heart attacks. Make the most of your time away from work by planning health-boosting activities like parks and spa days. Or, if you prefer to get away from modern amenities, consider planning a camping trip that takes you to nearby hot springs. Your time away from it all may fly by, but, with the right preparation, you’ll reap the health-boosting benefits of a vacation for weeks to come.

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