You’ve booked your flight and are ready for your photoshoot in another country. This trip is going to be an inspiring, life-changing experience! All corners of the globe have beautiful cultures and landscapes to make your time worthwhile.

Before you embark on your exciting journey, remember these eight tips to make your photoshoot easier and more enjoyable.

1. Know the Climate of the Land

When you know your destination for your photoshoot, research the area’s climate. The weather will depend on what hemisphere the country is in and the time of year. For example, countries in Southeast Asia, such as India and Bangladesh, have a monsoon season from April to September. The air becomes humid and torrential rainfall occurs often. You’ll need to protect your equipment and outfits if a bad weather situation arises.

If you’re in summer in the northern hemisphere, prepare for much cooler weather in a place located in the southern hemisphere. Pack accordingly with the outfits you choose. You may want to bring a change of clothes for different temperature ranges just in case. If you’re in a country with an extreme climate, the quality of your clothes will go a long way toward withstanding the elements.

2. Know the Laws of the Land

Your country’s laws will differ from the regulations of another nation. Follow the rules by only taking pictures in places you’re allowed to do so. You may need a permit to shoot in specific locations. Maybe a holiday is happening during your stay, meaning most businesses are closed.

Some locations around the world have limited or zero photographic access. For example, you can only photograph the Eiffel Tower during the day. At night, the monument has a light show, and you need permission from the Eiffel Tower Operating Company to film because of copyright laws. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), law enforcement arrested an American tourist for photographing houses and mosques in Abu Dhabi.

3. Show Courtesy

Try your best to show courtesy from the beginning of your trip until you get back home. You can start on the plane by reducing your touchpoints and sanitizing as much as possible. When a pandemic is happening, you’ll want to be healthy and not give any illnesses to those around you in the country. Some foreign governments may require you to have proof of vaccines before you can enter the country, so do your due diligence on that.

Ask permission before taking photographs of somebody or their children, especially. This unwritten rule applies to their property, too. If someone does allow you to photograph them, ask them if your photographs are acceptable. People may reject pictures based on religious or cultural grounds. A resident may be able to guide you on the dynamics of the land.

4. Ask Locals

When you’re in a foreign land, no brochure or tourist website can guide you quite like a native can. Consider partnering with a photographer from the area who has the experience and can teach you the ins and outs. They’ll be able to show you the best spots in town a typical tourist may miss. They can also help keep you out of trouble if the country has laws you’re unaware of.

When you travel to another country, you’re doing more than a business trip. You’re soaking in everything the culture has to offer. Embrace the people and try new foods. Enjoy the nightlife and immerse yourself. Be one with the country you’re in, because this may be your best chance to experience this land. A local guide will help you best in this experience.

5. Time Change and Flight Times

Flying to a foreign country could put you in the same time zone, or you could be headed to a place 12 hours different from your current time. Do your research beforehand on the time difference and consider that when you book your flight. For the best results, arrive in the country at least a day before your photoshoot to give yourself time to prepare.

You don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re late or missing your photoshoot because of a time miscalculation. For example, a flight from New York City to London takes about seven hours, and you also have to consider the time zones you’re jumping. London is about five hours ahead of New York City. Arriving a day before will give you time to prepare and recover from possible jet lag. If you arrive a few hours early, you can leave your bags in left luggage and explore for a while before heading to your final destination; it’s far better to get there early than late. 

Be Prepared for Your Photoshoot

Doing a photoshoot in a foreign country is a fantastic experience. You’ll get a chance to do what other models may miss out on. Before you book your flight and prepare your itinerary, keep these tips in mind. Have all your dress set and packed to match the aesthetic of the city, choose your makeup, and get your tape in extensions done for a little oomph. The best thing you can do is research the countries and the cities you plan to visit. It’s better to be over prepared than underprepared. Be safe, be courteous, and be mindful of the country’s customs. Embrace the culture and people around you for a worthwhile experience.

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