Taking up travel as a hobby has huge potential to benefit your life. Whether you’re journeying alone or with others, taking time away in new landscapes and interacting with fresh cultures is enriching. Yet, it’s important to take a balanced approach.

The pull to explore can become something of an obsession, taking up time, attention, and financial resources. The opposite is true, too. The responsibilities of life and other hobbies may result in you not being able to make enough space to maintain a travel habit that’s genuinely rewarding.

Let’s take a moment to look at a few ways you can create a better balance when pursuing travel as a hobby.

Take a Practical and Organized Approach

Travel can feel a little all-encompassing as a hobby sometimes. After all, there’s always a lot to plan, it often takes up days or weeks at a time, and even requires some recovery afterward on occasion. Making it more harmonious with your everyday life and other pastimes can benefit from taking a practical and organized approach. Formalizing and strategizing a few things can make travel feel a little less overwhelming.

So, where can you start? Well, some of the practical strategies for balancing your life and hobbies can include:

  • Be clear on your priorities: Travel is an important part of your life experience. But you’ll also have a lot of other important things. Take the time to regularly assess what your priorities are, perhaps on a monthly basis. This allows you to make choices and arrangements that serve your spirit for adventure without duty clashes or tipping the balance of your life, work, and hobbies.
  • Create a schedule: Building a schedule around all your tasks is a great way to maintain a balance. Keeping a yearly calendar can be useful for blocking out periods for travel that don’t interfere with other elements of your life.

Good organization can also ensure your travel hobby doesn’t eat into other areas of your life. For instance, planning travel well in advance can minimize the mistakes and stress that can come from leaving them to the last minute. Apart from anything else, this minimizes the mental strain in the days leading up to travel that could impact other areas of your life.

Find Ways to Incorporate Travel with Other Elements

Travel and the other hobbies and priorities in your life don’t have to be mutually exclusive. One of the ways to maintain the balance is to see where you can incorporate travel into various parts of your life. In essence, you get to serve multiple activities and priorities in one fell swoop.

Combining work and travel

It is becoming increasingly practical to travel while maintaining your career. This could involve becoming a digital nomad, where you perform your work remotely, enabling you to choose international surroundings to do your job in. You could also make travel part of your career choice.

For instance, you might create online travel or tourism content, which allows you to visit various destinations while also making a living. Remember to be careful when turning your travel hobby into a career. You should be certain it’s something you can stick with every day before committing to it. The last thing you want is to become sick of both traveling and work at the same time.

If you already work a remote job, you might find that traveling is a way to help you choose a permanent place to live. If you find yourself traveling to an area with a particular climate, for instance, you might want to settle there permanently. Just keep in mind that you will need to research local and state tax laws and also consider the work policies and hours at your current place of employment to see if your dream travel destination is also a good place for you to settle. .

Combining personal development and travel

Most of us have something we want to improve in our day-to-day lives. Some of these can fit quite well with travel experiences. For instance, if you’re keen to learn a new language for personal or professional aspirations, booking trips to countries that use the language can be great for practice and immersion. Alternatively, if you’re interested in experiencing more diverse cultures and connections, you can focus your traveling on destinations that give you access to these.

Put Your Well-Being First

Perhaps the most important contributor to the balance between your travel hobby and your life is to put your well-being first. If you haven’t taken a break in a while due to work and you’re getting burned out, this might be the time to travel. On the other hand, while the call to adventure can be strong, hopping on a plane when you’re mentally or physically unwell is not always conducive to recovery. Regularly check in with yourself to assess whether your well-being is best served by travel.

This isn’t just about making a decision about whether to travel, but also making mindful choices about how you travel. For instance, if you’ve been exhausted by work, a trip could be a good break. Yet, this doesn’t mean a road trip is necessarily sensible, as a sleepy driver doesn’t make a safe or good driver. Don’t risk an accident impacting other areas of your health and lifestyle. Think about what your needs and limits are and act accordingly.


Achieving a balance between your travel hobby and other areas of your life is challenging, but certainly achievable. It’s often about taking a little time to look at how travel fits into your life and how you can optimize your approach. Remember, too, that travel doesn’t have to involve long periods away. Consider whether weekend trips are more conducive to keeping a solid balance.

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