Road traveling on a two-wheeler is one of the most thrilling sensations you can imagine. Unlike a typical vacation, you not only get to see breathtaking popular landscapes, learn about new civilizations, and sample tasty foods, but you also get to discover some hidden jewels of nature and meet new friends from various countries. Aside from the numerous benefits of riding, there are certain issues to consider and attempt to prepare for while embarking on a long and enthralling road trip. Motorcycle maintenance difficulties, in addition to weather-related and health-related dangers, are quite important. And, when it comes to upkeep, it doesn’t just mean cleaning the filter or examining the tire; there are many things that require your attention to extend the life of your vintage ride and keep you safe on the road throughout your motorbike adventure. If you want to understand some important maintenance suggestions for your classic motorcycle, keep reading this information sheet.

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Some motorbike parts that require frequent maintenance are as follows:

Brakes of both wheels:

When it comes to the jollity of a smooth ride, the most important item to keep of your vehicle is brakes maintenance. Every day, before you start your day’s travel, you should inspect the brake pads. Check the brake fluid level every day to maintain your brakes in good working order. This is extremely vital for the rider’s safety. To avoid an accident, replace the brake pads and oil every year or so. As you ride, the thickness of the brake pads decreases; get those brake pads replaced once they fall below the prescribed thickness.


If you’re on a road trip, you’ll be driving hundreds of miles every day, so assessing your tire and wheel is a must. Every day, check the tire pressure and condition (wear and tears) before hitting the road. If you believe your motorbike tires will not be able to endure the journey, instead of lugging new tires with you, have them replaced. Consistent pressure not only saves you from overinflated tires, but it also impacts how well your bike grips the tarmac.

Oil check:

Although the bike handbook recommends changing your engine oil once a year, the practicality of this relies on how often you use your motorcycle and the type of oil you use. If you ride your bike on the road frequently, you should replace the oil more frequently. In addition, if you’re pounding the pavement on a motorbike road trip while wearing your motorcycle jacket, you should check your engine oil every day before continuing your adventure. If you believe the engine oil level is below the required level, add additional. You must pack a gallon of oil in your saddlebag for this reason.

Other motorbike components that want your attention on occasion:

Battery checking and replacement:

Many people disregard battery maintenance, but if you’re planning to ride in low light, expiring batteries may be devastating. In contrast to the preceding sections, even if you are on a road trip, you do not necessarily need to check your battery on a frequent basis because consumption is limited and batteries take some time to burn out. However, if you are carrying any accessories that require additional energy to operate, it is best to get your battery changed before embarking on a road trip; otherwise, ensure that the motorcycle’s battery is completely charged.

Keeping the chain clean and oiled:

Cleaning chains can not only extend the life of your chain but will also impact the performance of your bike. However, chain maintenance is not something that is done on a regular basis, but it does require cleaning when grit and dirt accumulate on the chain. This action is simple to perform, and virtually anyone can do it. Simply raise the back tire and use a bristle brush to clean the dirt and mud that has accumulated on the chain. Lubricate your chain after cleaning it to ensure smooth operation. On road trips, perform this maintenance more frequently than usual because you will be traveling great distances, even in the rain.

Check your motorcycle’s body

Checking the body of your motorcycle before a road trip is imperative to ensure that no parts are loose, damaged, or missing. This will help detect any early signs of wear and tear, potentially preventing accidents and unwanted damage. You may also want graphics on your dirt bike to make it visible when riding off-road or in low-light conditions, which can enhance safety and visibility.

Wheel alignment:

Wheel alignment is particularly important because if your wheels are not correctly aligned, the rate of wear and tear on your tires rises. Furthermore, proper alignment makes a significant difference in grip, and the genuine grip of your tires makes driving a whole different experience. Before you begin your journey, get both of your tires aligned to guarantee that your tire remains in excellent condition for as long as possible.

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