Dreaming of a fairytale weekend escape to feel like a princess immersed in the enchanted atmosphere of some of the most beautiful Italian spots? Swide helps you make it a reality by selecting 5 Cinderella-inspired stays to enjoy an Italian daydream weekend.


5 best luxury fairy tale hotels and castles in Italy to feel like Cinderella

With the latest Kenneth Branagh’s movie Cinderella out on March 13th, the story of the poor but enviably beautiful girl, who changes her life by meeting the charming prince, comes back to life on the big screen, interpreted by Lily James (Cinderella) and Richard Madden (Prince Charming). After making generations dream of the happy ending love and the man of our dreams, the retelling of one of the most romantic fairy tales ever will make you want to be that lucky princess, even just for a day. So, while waiting to find the charming prince and live a Cinderella-like fairytale love story, Blufashion has selected 5 fabulous stays in Italy to spend a couple of days in the most enchanted fairy tale. (Glass slippers and prince charming are optimal.)

Castello Orsini, Nerola, Rome – Lazio

Castello Orsini Hotel, Nerola, Rome – Lazio

Built during the tenth century on the ruins of an ancient Sabina fortress, the castle was the feudal property of Francesco Orsini at the end of the thirteenth century. Conquered by the Borgia, it later returned to the Orsini and then passed in the hands of the Barberini and the Lante della Rovere families. After a full restoration, which has maintained its timeless charm, today Orsini castle boasts 50 rooms and suites, an indoor restaurant, a rooftop garden, a huge swimming pool and a health club with a fully equipped beauty spa. Visit Castello Orsini.

Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita, Matera – Basilicata

Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita Hotel, Matera – Basilicata

Immersed in the timeless and unique landscape of the city of Matera, The Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita, is not only an hotel but a real experience which you’ll find hard to forget. Set in ancient caves, its rooms are cut directly into the typical bare tufa rock. From breakfast to dinner you can dine at The Tasting Room, their traditional Italian restaurant set on the grounds of an ancient and timeless church.

Château Monfort, Milan – Lombardy

Château Monfort Hotel, Milan – Lombardy

Just in the heart of Milan, in the Piazza Tricolore area, Château Monfort is an early twentieth century Nouveau mansion with decorated walls and floor mosaics. Here you can enjoy a special dinner at their Restaurant Rubacuori, but also admire the magnificent glass dome or taste a chalice of Italy’s best wines at La Cella di Bacco. You can also visit the Amore e Psiche spa to enjoy Turkish baths, saunas and ice fountains.

Villa Aminta, Isole Borromeo – Piedmont

Villa Aminta Hotel, Isole Borromeo – Piedmont

Overlooking the Borromeo Gulf (Lake Maggiore), Villa &Palazzo Aminta is that kind of place where dreams come true and you can feel like the princess of the most enchanted fairytale. Located in the town of Stresa, Villa Aminta boasts luxurious floors entirely decorated in a Venetian style, marble columns and both a contemporary and classic atmosphere. Here you can enjoy a romantic dinner in their amazing restaurant Calamondino or experience an unforgettable and relaxing afternoon in their SPA.

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa, Ischia – Campania

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa, Ischia - Campania

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa boasts a two Michelin star restaurant, beautiful mosaic decorations, Roman columns and arabesque lanterns. Here you can find both an indoor and an outdoor pool, while its Spa features a Turkish bath, sauna, sensory showers and a tepidarium.

This story first appeared on Swide by Claudia Baroncelli.

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