A healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular in the modern world. Active rest on weekends has become a tradition for people who like the fresh air, calm atmosphere, and natural beauty. However, many people are still dreaming of trips to forests and mountains but don’t know how to start. So, we are going to talk about this in the article below.

Hiking as a type of physical activity

To begin with, different types of trips have their own names: for example, trekking is a trip along a planned path with a stop at the campings, it can take several days. Such a rest is convenient for beginners since there is no need to take a tent with you and spend the night in the open air.

Hiking, on the contrary, lasts much less, usually with one overnight stay, so it is often called a weekend hike. It also runs along a certain route with prepared paths. Overnight stays are possible both at the camping and in a tent, but you need to take food and water with you for the duration of the walk.

The routes are usually laid through the wooded area so the physical load during such a walk is quite high. In the process of movement, all the muscles are working, the heart and blood vessels are strengthened, excess fat is burned.

Thanks to regular hiking, you can significantly increase the endurance of the whole body and make it stronger. Hiking can be done at any time, but special equipment is especially required for the winter period to prevent freezing and give you the opportunity to enjoy a walk and rest without thinking about the cold.

Selection of clothes for outdoor activities in winter

Winters are quite frosty now, so the equipment for hiking should be chosen with special care. When selecting clothes and equipment, try to follow several rules:

  • The principle of layering

When walking for more than a day, it is important to take into account the difference in air temperature in the morning and during the day, as well as heat losses occurring in active movement and rest. Therefore, experienced travelers recommend using the principle of layering in clothing. Clothes should be worn in layers:

  • the lower layer that contacts the skin should remove moisture;
    • the second layer is designed to save heat;
    • the purpose of the third layer is to resist wind and rain

Rest in winter is dangerous because, with a little sweating, you can quickly get cold, especially if you have to stop active movement. Therefore, it is important to ensure that each layer of clothing is of high quality and performs its functions correctly.

  • Layered clothing
    • Layered clothing makes it possible to remove or put on the upper item to regulate heat exchange. This will allow you to prepare for any weather conditions and feel comfortable throughout the whole hiking.
    • Special attention should be paid to hiking clothes and boots.
    • If you are going to have a serious climb in the mountains, it is better to give preference to high-quality shoes, jackets, and Fjallraven hiking pants that will allow you to stay on a rocky surface and not get wet in bad weather.
    • During the trip in winter, you should not forget about the head and neck, they should be warm.
    • The hood of the jacket should be tightly fastened, as it will prevent rainfall from getting inside. It is recommended to use a balaclava mask that completely protects the head and leaves open only the eyes.

Tips for hiking for novice tourists

  • The first trips should be made in the company of a professional who will help overcome difficulties. There are special tours in which a group of people gathers under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Moreover, in such tours, ready-made equipment, which is necessary for the exploration of a specific route, is usually provided. By the way, when choosing a travel company, it is better to pay attention to the reviews of friends, or at least look at the information on the Internet on forums about it. If there is no opportunity to use the services of professionals, it is better to turn to thematic forums and look for a company to relax there.
  • It is important for novice tourists to get used to the need to wake up early, as it is better to climb mountains in the morning since after lunch the melting of glaciers begins. Besides, it is better not to return from the slope after dark.
  • Before you go hiking, it is important to warn your family and friends about your absence and the purpose of the trip.

Hiking is a great physical activity and an opportunity to relax, but it is important to prepare properly for it and pick up all the necessary equipment.

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