Essential things to pack for traveling

Fortunately, it is 2022, and now women are exploring the world more than ever, and the number of female travelers is increasing. If you fall into this category and are confused about all the must-haves, follow this article. This think-piece has a list of 9 things that you must have on a trip.

1. Snacks for the road

Keep some snacks in your handbag to munch on no matter where you’re going. They not only satisfy your sudden hunger pangs but will also keep you excited throughout the trip.

However, make sure you pack snacks that are not extremely high in carbohydrates or fats. Dry fruits, energy bars, a Nutella jar, pumpkin seeds, etc., are some great options to choose from.

2. A good quality backpack

A backpack should be on the top of your travel must-haves. No matter if you are visiting the hills or camping at amazon, backpacks are lifesavers.

A good travel-friendly backpack should have three qualities – durability, waterproof material, and lightweight. So, find the one that best matches the description, and don’t be shy to invest a little more if it is worth it.

3. Reusable water bottle

Plastic water bottles are not good for the environment. It disturbs the balance of nature and affects the life of every living being. Also, drinking water from these bottles is not healthy as small plastic molecules enter the body through water.

It’s best to use stainless steel flasks. These bottles can hold the temperature for long hours, which is exceptionally useful for storing coffee, tea, or hot water. Generally, an average-quality flask comes with an airtight lid, so there is almost no chance of leakage.

4. Sim card with internet

If you are planning to travel to a different country, buying a sim card and recharging it immediately after landing is important. Trust me; this is a lifesaver.

You don’t have to take an expensive international calling plan. Instead, recharge it with sufficient internet and use social media to stay in touch with family.

5. Everyday essentials

In case you don’t feel comfortable using new products on yourself, you should carry your everyday essentials. This includes hair care products, body care products, and skincare products.

Other than that, don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen.

6. Menstrual cups

Your periods won’t reschedule depending on your travel plans, and pads are often extremely uncomfortable, especially when traveling. The best alternative to this is Menstrual Cups. As they are reusable, you don’t have to worry about restocking.

Plus, it is free from chemicals. So, your private area is safe. In addition, these are extremely travel-friendly and come in a small pouch that protects them from outside pollutants.

Recently, I carried a moxie menstrual cup on my trip to Europe, and it was the best decision ever. So easy-to-use and absolutely zero-spillage.

7. Weather-friendly clothes

Before packing your clothes, check the upcoming weather conditions in that area and pack accordingly. You don’t need to bring everything from your wardrobe as it can cost extra money if traveling by air. Instead, you can buy a few clothes from the travel destination.

Always bring a scarf with you. It is really useful if you want to visit religious places or plan to go to an Islamic country. It also helps protect your head from the scorching sun.

8. Proper shoes

Shoes play an important part in your travel journey. You should pick shoes based on the climate and geographic condition of the place.

Remember, shoes that are used for trekking will not be appropriate for a beach walk. So, research the place that you’re visiting and then buy one that can offer maximum comfort on the journey.

Always keep a pair of slippers and sandals handy. The first one is great for walking in the hotel room, and you can visit nearby places with the help of the second one.

9. Power bank

You will probably use your mobile phone to click pictures, navigate through google maps, make bank payments, etc. All these tasks consume lots of battery. If that area has network problems, the pressure on the battery increases. 

As a result, you end up losing battery faster than ever. That’s why a power bank is necessary – It will save you from unnecessary trouble in a foreign land.

Over to you…

Now that you know all the essentials, you can start packing. Other than all the above on the list, make sure to keep pepper spray in your handbag (of course, you know why!)

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