8 Essential Riding Tips for Newbie Cyclists

Are you thinking about beginning cycling? Congrats! It is a great decision as it has multiple benefits. Cycling is perfect, from ensuring you stay active (cycling is a great exercise) to ensuring less burden on the environment (looking at you, gas prices).

It is also a relaxing activity that can make you feel happy, positive, and free as you cycle through cities or nature. But it is an overwhelming journey for someone who hasn’t cycled a day before. Moreover, the new-age cycles with their tech are confusing to the older generation. Lastly, the rules of the road are all too much.

Following traffic rules is great, but you don’t have to worry about other silly rules, like matching your water bottle with the cycle. Instead, focus on making your bike ride fun, adventurous, and safe. And keeping this in mind, here are a few suggestions and tips to ensure you have the best time cycling.

Dress right

The style doesn’t matter when cycling, but what you wear does. Ensuring proper cycling clothing and apparel will keep you safe and high-performance. 

For example, wearing gloves specially designed for cycling will ensure a good grip on the bar resulting in more control over the bike, ultimately leading to a safe ride.

The saddle height & riding position should be right

Without the correct saddle, you cannot ride properly. For instance, low saddles make it challenging to use full leg power and pedaling range. While high paddles can lead to straining and injuries. Therefore, you need a perfect saddle height. The ideal height provides a slight knee bend when the foot hits the pedal’s bottom.

The bike position should be right too. For this, follow the rule that when cycling, the handlebars should obscure the view of the front wheel hub.

Check how the bike fits you before you buy

Since your cycling journey is just beginning, you must buy a new bike. First, ensure that the bike is according to your body measurements. . It should not be too small that it creates discomfort. Or too big that you are not able to control it.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with riding.

You will injure yourself if you start riding at full speed at the beginning. Give it time, and build the speed slowly to let your body adjust to the distances. If you are training for a marathon, don’t start fast. It will lead to fatigue and burnout. Instead, warm up during the first third of the ride. Settle into a comfortable rhythm for the second part, and for the final part, give it your all.

Always wear a helmet.

Always wear a helmet

To be safe while riding a bike, wearing safety gear is necessary. Wearing a safety helmet can keep you from falling prey to severe injuries. Buy a comfortable helmet that is sturdy and of premium quality. Also, buying a good helmet doesn’t have to be costly; just buy the best one, not the most expensive one for style.

Get good quality cycling sunglasses.

Cycling sunglasses are necessary as they protect your eyes from stones, rain, sun, and bugs. In addition, it makes it safer and easier to cycle around the city.

Maintain your bike

Maintain your bike

A bicycle is an expensive investment. So, whether you use it frequently or not, maintenance is necessary. Routine maintenance is basic, like ensuring you lube your bicycle chain. It prolongs the life of the cycle without wasting too much money at a shop. Also, ensure the bike tires always have enough air to ride easier. Follow other bike maintenance tips for a long-lasting bike.

Keep a water bottle and a few snacks handy for long bike rides.

If taking your bike for a long ride or training, you don’t want to be dehydrated. So, keep a water bottle handy and a few nourishing snack items, like bananas or peanuts, with you.

Follow these suggestions and just have fun. Whether you cycle to work or cycle for health, the key is to have fun and be safe.

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