Staycations are the best. You get to enjoy a vacation in your home city without the travel stress, following packing rules, and more. Staycations are also the norm right now. It requires fewer days and no travel time, and you can leave the kids behind with grandparents to enjoy alone time with your partner. Also, you can go to a hotel for a staycation for just 3-4 hours while your kids are with the nanny. It is the perfect solution for couples who want to reconnect with each other. Traveling with kids doesn’t allow for this connection. And leaving kids behind for a week or more is not something all couples can do. So, a staycation—vacationing in your city—works perfectly. The best part, again, is not having to deal with stress related to travel rules or extensive packing. But you need a few things, especially if the staycation is for reconnecting with your partner. So, here are a few things you must pack when going on a staycation with your husband.

Books and reading materials

A staycation is about relaxing and reconnecting. As a couple, you must spend time together. But you also need to relax yourself to be more present. So, for that, having books and other reading materials is necessary. Maybe you both can chill near the pool and take in the sun while you read a book you have been planning to finish for a long time. Thus, never leave for a staycation without your books. You can also carry an iPad for listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

Clothing items

Packaging for a trip is always a headache, and a staycation is no different. When you are staycationing for a few hours, you can get away with one or two pairs of clothes. However, when going for a day or two, you need to pack well. So, here are a few things to pack:

Sleepwear: You should always pack your pajamas, night suit, eye mask, or cover with you. Also, have thick socks and more to keep yourself cozy during the night, as the hotel temperature can be too cool.

Lingerie: Women read it well; bring your best pair of fleur du mal lingerie. Apart from your regular undergarments, women should bring sexy lingerie. After all, you want to have a good time with your partner, so this is necessary.

Clothing: Bring outfits depending on the days you are staying and the activities you have planned. Women should pack one pair of pants, two blouses, and one dress or skirt. Men can pack a few T-shirts that go well with pants, jeans, or shorts. All in all, pack versatile clothing that allows you to mix and match different articles.

Accessories: Do not forget to carry necklaces, earrings, hats, bracelets, and more. Women will need it to accessorize their dresses. Men should also carry wristwatches, belts, caps, and hats.

Bubbles, bath bombs, or salts for self-care

A relaxing bath is the best form of self-care. You can spend as much time in the hotel as you want enjoying a relaxing bath. To make it better, bring bath bombs, bubbles, and bath salts with you. Most luxury hotels will provide you with these things. But they might not be the best quality or something that suits your skin. So, bringing one with you is always a great idea. Moreover, it will allow you and your husband to have some bath time fun.

A picnic basket

How long has it been since you enjoyed a picnic with your partner? The staycation also gives you a chance to have a picnic. Bring a picnic basket with you and a few snacks. You can get a snack or spread from the hotel and a bottle of wine or juice. Lay in the sun in the hotel’s or resort’s garden and have fun.

Massage oil

Do not get a massage from the spa on your staycation that you can do any day. Instead, bring essential massage oil and give each other a massage. Not only is this relaxing, but it also sets the mood, which is kind of the plan.


Lounging all day in comfy robes is the way to go. Right? Well, most hotels provide them; some do not. Enquire beforehand and bring your own if they do not.


Always bring medicines you take every day and other basic ones too.

Couples need time to reconnect, regardless of whether they have kids. With the stress of work and socializing, they might have no time to talk. Taking a few days off might not work, but they can use the weekend for a staycation. Going to a resort, a hotel, or a property in the same city and chatting or cuddling sounds perfect. Just use the above tips to pack well for a wonderful staycation.

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