Wildlife photographers are always trying to scope out the best spots for getting the perfect nature photograph, such as an eagle swooping into its prey or a lion feasting on a meal. More often than not, those once-in-a-lifetime shots happen away from home soil.

While Europe has some great wildlife, including the wild moose of Sweden and the Puffins that live in Iceland, the rest of the world also has some incredible wild animals to behold – and take pictures of. Whether you like taking photographs of birds, mammals, marine creatures, or any and everything you find moving in the wild, these are the four destinations to go to (with easy access from Europe).

1: South Africa

When it comes to wildlife, South Africa has an incredible amount of diversity. Kruger National Park is a particular standout as home to the ‘big five’ game animals. Embark on a Safari in Kruger National Park, and you have a chance to spot African buffalo, elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, southern ground hornbills, and so many more!

To get to Kruger National Park, fly directly to Johannesburg from any major European airport. Then you can take one of the daily flights from Johannesburg to the park, which takes around an hour and a half. Make sure you have a cozy lodge to stay in while you get there. Also, don’t forget to book a guided tour with expert trackers at Big Five Safaris Kruger to increase your chances of spotting the most elusive African wildlife!

2: Australia

Australia is known for its high temperatures and dangerous wildlife. Don’t worry – the chances are, you won’t get bitten. However, if you explore the land down under, you may just get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a perfect snap of a saltwater croc, kangaroo, dingo, or koala!

To get the most out of Australia’s wildlife, you’ll need to venture out of the major cities to the outback. Consider going to Phillip Island Wildlife Park, home to 100 Australian species, including little penguins and emus. To get to Phillip Island from Europe, fly first to Melbourne. From there, it’s a relatively short drive or a 2-hour bus.

3: Brazil

Brazil isn’t only the largest country in South America; it’s also home to the Amazon Rainforest, which makes up 10% of all wildlife species known on Earth. Jaguars, pumas, spider monkeys, crocodiles, and manatees make the Amazon Rainforest their home, along with hundreds of other incredible animals, insects, and aquatic life. The best way to see all of them is by taking a guided tour, either on the water or on land. You might spot a sloth hanging from a tree or a jaguar slinking along the riverbanks.

To get to Brazil from Europe, you can get non-stop flights from various European airports, including Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Paris.

4: India

When you think about India, you probably think of natural wonders, festivals, diverse cultures, and delicious food. While those things are part of India, the enormous country is also home to many of the Earth’s most incredible creatures. Explore the right places in India – such as Ranthambore National Park – and you’ll also find crocs, boars, langurs, hyenas, and, of course, the ferociously majestic tiger.

To get to Ranthambore National Park, travel from Europe to Delhi. From there, you can get a train straight to Sawai Madhapur Railway Station. It might be a long journey from Europe, but it’s perfectly doable and more than worth it!

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