Photography trips in Britain are becoming more popular as the country has so much to offer photographers of all levels. There is a place for everyone, from world-renowned sites like Stonehenge to more hidden gems.

When planning a photography trip to Britain, there are a few key sites that photographers should not miss. Below are eleven of the most popular and photogenic locations in the country.


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One of the most iconic landmarks in Britain, Stonehenge, is a must-see for any photographer. The ancient stone circle is located in Wiltshire and is believed to have been built between 3100 and 2200 BC. The site is terrific at sunrise or sunset when the light casts long shadows across the stones.

Windsor Castle

There are several options for Windsor Castle tours from London. Tour companies offer half-day tours in the morning or afternoon and full-day tours that include other destinations such as Stonehenge, Bath, Oxford, Hampton Court, and Buckingham Palace. The tour duration varies depending on the itinerary, but most of them allow around 2–2.5 hours to spend in Windsor.

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall is another of Britain’s most famous historical sites. The Roman Wall runs 73 miles (117 km) across the country and was built in AD 122. Today, the Wall is a popular hiking destination with stunning countryside views.

The Lake District

The Lake District is a photographer’s paradise. The region is home to England’s largest national park and is filled with beautiful scenery, including mountains, forests, and lakes. The best time to visit the Lake District is during the autumn when the leaves are changing color.


edinburgh castle

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, is often praised as one of the most photogenic cities in Europe. The city is home to many historical landmarks, such as Edinburgh Castle, as well as stunning architecture and scenery. Edinburgh is magnificent during the summer when the city comes alive with festivals and events.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

The world-famous Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British monarchy. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London, and the palace is open to the general public during the summer and offers a rare glimpse into the royal family’s life.

The London Eye

The London Eye

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on the banks of the River Thames. The wheel offers panoramic views of the city and is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions. The best time to visit the London Eye is at sunset when the city is lit up in all its glory.

Big Ben

Big Ben is the Great Bell of Westminster nickname, located in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament. The tower is one of the most iconic landmarks in London and offers stunning views over the city.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is arguably London’s most famous bridge. The bridge spanned the River Thames and was built in 1894. Today, the bridge is a popular tourist attraction and offers stunning city views.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is an area of outstanding natural beauty located in the southwest of England. The region is known for its picturesque villages and rolling hills, and the best time to visit the Cotswolds is during the spring or autumn when the colors are most beautiful.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the official royal residence located in Berkshire, England. Windsor Castle has been home to the British monarchy for over 900 years and is one of the largest inhabited castles in the world. Today, Windsor Castle remains a popular tourist attraction and offers visitors a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the royal family.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is London’s most visited and extensive park and a popular spot for tourists and locals. The park is home to many landmarks, such as Kensington Palace and Hyde Park Corner, as well as various shops and restaurants.

Tips for photographers when visiting Britain

Here are some great tips for photographers visiting Britain.

Get there early

To avoid the crowds, visiting sites like Stonehenge and Hadrian’s Wall early in the morning is best, allowing you to capture the sunrise or sunset over the landscape.

Dress for the weather

The weather in Britain can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to dress appropriately. Be sure to pack layers and waterproof clothing, even if you’re visiting during summer.

Rent a car

Public transportation can be unreliable in Britain, so renting a car is often best when traveling around the country, allowing you to explore at your own pace and make unplanned stops.

Bring a tripod

A tripod is essential for any photographer, amateur or professional, especially when visiting sites like Stonehenge, where long exposures are often used to capture the mystical atmosphere of the stones.

Print your photo memories

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The bottom line

When traveling in Britain, remember to have fun and enjoy your photography trip. This beautiful country has plenty to explore and photograph with its stunning scenery and rich history.

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