Over 2 million people visit the Great Barrier Reef every year and a vast majority of those visitors come for the phenomenal scuba diving sites. But this area offers just some of the best scuba diving in the world.

From Micronesia to Egypt, there are phenomenal diving locations around the world. If you’re looking for the seven best to add to your diving bucket list then you’ve come to the right place.

Check out seven of the most incredible locations for the best scuba diving in the world.

7 Best Scuba Diving Locations You Have to Visit

1. SS Thistlegorm, Egypt

If you’ve always dreamed about doing the best wreck dive in the world then you need to dive at this location for an aquatic adventure like no other. The 420-foot wreck is so large and has so many unique offerings that one dive won’t be enough and you’ll be going back for more.

The World War 2 shipwreck is in the Strait of Gubal in the North of the Red Sea. On your dive, you’ll come across a range of fascinating artifacts ranging from locomotives to stacks of rifles and army trucks.

You’ll be journeying through an underwater museum at this dive site. The marine life is prolific here too. Keep your eyes peeled for Batfishes, Barracudas, and the resident Red Sea reef fishes.

This place is something not many tour agencies will take you to unless you let your tour guide know what you want to be included in your Egypt tour packages from the USA or anywhere else you’re traveling from.

2. Cape Kri, Indonesia

Raja Ampat, where Cape Kri is located, is on every seasoned diver’s bucket list. The marine life is unparalleled and you’re likely to see more aquatic species in one dive than you’ve ever seen before. In fact, this site holds the record of 374 different species of fish sighted in one dive!

The spectacular coral reef and warm water are just two fantastic pros of this location. The coral diversity makes for an incredibly colorful diving experience. You won’t even have to explore the site as simply heading underwater you’ll be spoiled with manta rays, sharks, and gain trevallies among other species.

3. The Yongala, Australia

What would a list of the best scuba diving sites be without a mention of The Great Barrier Reef? The spectacular shipwreck is located in the central section of the marine park off the coast of Queensland.

The Yongala has it all. Expect phenomenal coral formations and an area teeming with exciting marine wildlife such as manta rays, tiger sharks, turtles, and bull sharks.

It’s a difficult dive site with unpredictable conditions so it’s recommended for experienced divers. But if you manage to get out there you’ll be blown away by the marine life. Don’t forget your camera as it’s an exceptional site for underwater photography.

4. Silfra Fissure, Iceland

Located in the Thingvellir National Park you’ll be diving between two continental plates at this incredible site. The visibility is unbelievable — 300 feet!

It’s a freshwater dive that takes you between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. This dive is less about aquatic life and more about the breathtaking underwater geology.

Instead of coral, you’ll glide through bright green aquatic grasses and a plethora of algae that create a beautiful scene.

The water is icy in Iceland so you need to be prepared with a suitable wetsuit. If you’re not equipped at the moment, you can find more here to prepare for the dive.

5. Blue Corner, Micronesia

If you’re wondering where to go for an incredible pelagic dive site, then the Blue Corner in Palau will not disappoint. The reef-covered wall is a hive of marine activity that really comes alive when the currents are strong.

The strong currents make for a challenging yet rewarding dive where you’ll be spoiled with diverse marine wildlife and the opportunity of spotting sharks. In fact, it may be the most sharks you see on a single dive.

It’s popular for divers to use reef hooks to attach themselves to the wall and then simply watch as massive numbers of pelagic species drift past.

6. Manta Night Dive, Hawaii

Every top dive list should include one night dive and in Kona, Hawaii, you’ll experience one of the best in your life. It’s a unique and memorable night dive where you’ll experience the graceful performance of manta rays in the mystical darkness.

A light on the ocean floor attracts plankton in large numbers, which in turn attracts plenty of manta rays looking for dinner. What ensues is a performance like no other and guaranteed close encounters with the majestic mantas.

7. Barracuda Point, Malaysia

Off Sipadan Island in Malaysia, you’ll have the opportunity to surround yourself with the large creatures of the ocean. The wall of coral attracts plenty of sharks and barracuda, as well as sea turtles, buffalo fish, coconut crabs, and more!

You may be lucky enough to see a shoal of thousands of barracuda, hurtling towards you and surrounding you like a dark underwater cloud.

Known as a drift dive, you’ll finish your dive in a shallow coral garden. This impressive dive site attracts thousands of divers each year — and for good reason! Look out for hammerhead sharks and try to count as many of the 3000 resident fish species as possible.

Where Will You Go for the Best Scuba Diving?

Wow, these best scuba diving locations are simply spectacular. Whether you’re looking for exciting night dives, exhilarating wreck dives, or to immerse yourself in diverse marine life you’ll find the best spot on this list. So, where will be your next dive spot?

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