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Full of bars, clubs, and amazing places to eat, it’s no secret that the North of England is one of the best places for a great night out. And it’s also these things that make it a fantastic location for a girl’s weekend away. That’s why we’ve cobbled together 4 of the best cities in the North for an unforgettable weekend of girl time and catching up, so the next time you’re planning a girl’s trip, you know exactly where to go. 


Regarded as the clubbing capital of the North East, Newcastle is a fabulous city to spend a few days away with the girls. In terms of the best places to go out? Try Eden (renowned as ‘The Jewel of the North’ for its selection of themed rooms under one roof), Florita’s Bar (a venue decked with palm trees and vibrant colours that hosts live music and DJs every night), or House of Smith (a 50s glamour themed club known for their large selection of cocktails, champagne and spirits, and the ultimate VIP experience…) 


With over 600 restaurants, breweries and tap rooms, cocktail bars, and local pubs (as well as a live music scene that gives the rest of the world a run for its money) Manchester also makes for a good option for a girl’s weekend away. Don’t forget to visit the city’s Northern Quarter, best described as the Shoreditch of the North of England (but without the big price tag), to embark on an unforgettable bar crawl hitting local favourites like Cane & Grain, Soup Kitchen, Twenty Twenty Two, and Terrace NQ. Someone’s birthday in the group? Why not do a birthday bar crawl scavenger hunt in the city and set yourself the task of collecting a random list of items and signatures from bars in the area… guaranteed to make for an unforgettable (and hilarious) evening.


Liverpool is a Northern city proud of its nightlife. And there are so many reasons why! Infamous for its mix of indie live music scene and cocktail clubs full of girls wearing the perfect going-out dresses, Liverpool is a diverse location that will work for all types of girly friend groups. Our favourite haunts include Modo (a hotspot for anyone who wants to visit the trendy bars of the city) and Aloha (the ultimate island experience with fun cocktails that’ll always keep you ashore.)


Much like Manchester, Leeds is another great city for pub crawls – perfect for a more chilled girl’s weekend away. Before you head to the centre of the city, why not start a little further afield and embark on one of the city’s best-known pub crawls, the Otley Run. It’s tradition for groups to complete this crawl in fancy dress, drinking at least one drink at one of the 15 spots on the crawl and finishing the night in the centre of Leeds to carry on the party in a club. What could go wrong?

Planning your next girl’s weekend away? By visiting any of these 4 incredible cities in the North, you’ll truly have a day/night/hangover to remember…

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