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Bali is one of the best price-per-value vacations you can get. Wonderful beaches, nature and local people are some of the main reasons, along with reasonable prices. This destination is especially attractive to those of you who like spiritual places since it has a Hinduist culture and a wonderful nature where you can enjoy and meditate. Let’s pass through the Bali travel guide that will help you organize your vacation on this amazing island.

Getting to Bali

Use Skyscanner to look for affordable flights. July and August are the peak season, so don’t expect cheap flights at that time. The low season is from April to October (excluding July and August, of course). If you don’t like rain, avoid visiting Bali from December to March. Once you’re there, you will need a ride from the airport to the hotel, and there are several options, but the simplest one is to arrange a taxi with the hotel. Sometimes this even comes included in the price. Another option is to bargain the price with some of the numerous taxi drivers who will offer you a ride.

Moving around in Bali

The locals usually use the Go-Jek app, which is a Balinese equivalent of Uber, so this option is a simple and affordable one. You can go from one place to another and pay only about 10 dollars, which makes this option amazing. Of course, if you like an adventure, you can rent a bike, motorbike, car, or just use any sort of public transportation to indulge better in Balinese day-to-day life. There are Kura Kura buses that can be shared, so if you meet people there and want to visit the same places, you can share the expenses and enjoy with some new friends.

Balinese culture and useful facts

Balinese culture and useful facts
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Indonesia is a huge country and predominantly Muslim, but Bali is an island with Hindu influence. Watch your manners, don’t dress vulgarly, and always be courteous. It would be good if you learned a couple of words in Bahasa Indonesia just to be able to connect to the locals better. They will be thrilled and will appreciate it. The Indonesian rupiah is their currency, so it would be good if you exchanged some money since not all stores accept credit cards.

Bali accommodation

Bali accommodation

If you’re more of a sedentary person, you can choose one hotel and stick to it. However, the island measures more than 5000 km, so it’s not a bad idea to explore it well and have several bookings in different places. Bali Villa Escapes offer some of the most interesting options, so you might want to check it before your trip. Canggu is a beach town ideal for surfers or people who just want to chill. Seminyak and Jimbaran have excellent restaurants and are not too crowded with tourists, and Ubud is the cultural capital of Bali, so make sure you explore this island according to your taste.

The Balinese food

Fresh vegetables, meat, fish, and spices, are the main ingredients of this rich cuisine. It is a unique mix of Indian, East Asian, and Arabic cuisine. Start with some pork soup called Soto Babi and continue with fresh salads with avocado and tomato, rice, pork or chicken meat, and indispensable coffee or tea afterwards. Kopi Bali stands for coffee, and The Panas for the tea often served with condensed milk.

The best activities in Bali

The activities are so numerous, but generally, they can be divided into 3 categories: sports, relaxation, and spiritual activities (yoga). You don’t have to choose just one, combine them if you like all of them. A little bit of yoga in the morning, relaxing at the spa in the afternoon after sunbathing, and a couple of excursions to places where you can surf, snorkel, dive or do some paragliding. It sounds like a fabulous agenda for any vacation.

Don’t hesitate to book your next trip to Bali and find the best accommodation that will make your stay the most pleasant possible. Comfortable and affordable accommodation can allow you to stay a bit longer and enjoy all the natural beauty of this place full of diversity.

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