While some bachelorette parties may involve scantily clad men dancing, alcohol glasses, and gear with ‘bride squad’ written on them in a sparkling font, you can try something different for yours. At the same time, it doesn’t have to be a restricted, basic tea party or lunch-in. You can have the best celebration by having a balance of the two by keeping it classy but throwing in a spark of decadence. This is a chance to create a meaningful memory with those close friends who are joining you.

That can also involve sharing a wild night. Planning the bachelorette can be a very challenging, exciting, and fun experience! Renting out a party tent for your bachelorette party will make entertaining and making memories in one easy step.

It’s also a cheap way for the bride and groom to give their guests the party of their lives, even if they wouldn’t normally afford to host it themselves. If you want to do something different for your Bachelorette party then you should consider hiring the marquee tent. If you have a bachelorette party to organize, you can consult with our article below.

Rise to the Occasion

You’ll want to have a location set first. After you’ve decided on a party location, start the planning process by speaking with the bride to be about what her necessary and unnecessary items are. Your most boisterous friend may be the one getting married, but that doesn’t mean she’ll want a chaotic night of hitting the bars.

And likewise -your more conservative friend may want to cut loose with everyone wearing sashes, and drinks all around. If you have a lot of people attending, you may want to hear all their opinions as well.

This could involve planning the party with another bridesmaid, but many have found this to complicate the process, so, it should be thought over. Attendees will likely be fine with whatever it is you decide, as long as it’s within reason.

Be Mindful When Budgeting

When you’re budgeting out the event, be thoughtful by reaching out to the group with a price estimate for the overall cost. If anyone has any concerns or questions about the cost, have them contact you directly. In most cases, keep your strategies in line with the minimum financial restriction.

The simplest way to handle money is for each bridesmaid to pay you upfront for all the party festivities. Make sure to include all expenses such as lodging, food, transportation, party favors, decorations, or similar items. You can get some idea of how much you’ll spend on the event by looking into party supplies online. Start to budget and begin to estimate how much stuff will cost you and what types of decor and party items you may want to have at the bachelorette party. Nobody wants to be having the conversation of being owed money, it’s a hassle and it can be uncomfortable. Return any overage to the guests at the end of the event.

Add in a Party Favor or Gift

Lastly, sending each party-goer off with a little something from the weekend is thoughtful. Whether you want to include such items over the course of the weekend, there are some great options worth looking at, including women’s fleece pajama pants, cups, handbags, cosmetics, notebooks, or even themed hoodies.

Plan the Fun

It’s time to start adding the little details after finishing with the major items. Plan out things like meals, where you’re staying, and work out any major events like a bar-crawl, concert, gaming, etc. Then, you can think about some of these Bachelorette classics:

A Trip to the Spa

The point of some spa time is to allow for some unwinding. Your whole crew, as well as the bride, will find this ideal after a wild night of partying or activities. Naturally, you may enjoy an entire day of pampering at the public spa, but with in-home services, you can also get the luxury brought right to you without going anywhere.

Manicures and pedis may be done at the same time as you eat brunch, which can create a fun, leisurely morning. You could also start the day off with a blowout and makeup before your night out. Purchasing some masks and nail polish for a do-it-yourself spa day is a great option if you’re on a tighter budget. This could be perfect to create a sentimental throwback to when you were young middle school or high school friends.

Pick Some Games

You should add games to the mix as the party progresses, some raunchy, and some on the tamer side. Get the groom’s take on his and the bride’s history. This could include fun questions ranging from who dropped the first “I love you”, to who drives the worst. Balance the questions between loving and silly ideas.

The bride can guess the groom’s answers with her friends over meals or in between the day’s activities. Another game that can be a blast involves guests pulling from a stack of cards that feature different dares. Keep these light and humorous.

They could be things such as having to give a stranger a hug or performing an ad-libbed love ballad. That last one’s especially perfect for the bride. There’s also hilarious games to turn up the raunchiness such as Pin the Mr. on the Man, Cards Against Humanity, or Telestrations After Dark.

Any of these are wonderful after the drinks start going around. Also, after your party night has wrapped, don’t forget to get your guests a rideshare service for a safe ride home.

Don’t Forget Photo Ops

It’s true that every single aspect of the bachelorette party is a photo opportunity. Consider the possibilities of decorations, presents, props, or activities that are guaranteed to create some memorable images. Choose items that you can use for both group photos and hilarious get-togethers.

Make everyone some matching paraphernalia or trinkets, or create a challenge requiring the bride to dress up with some corny equipment. You can also have fun crafting items yourself such as tiaras or flower crowns which can be designed from false flowers from your local art store. Anything you decide to include in games should be saved for some funny photos.

Get Creative with the Decorations

It’s time to get creative with your decorations. Whether you’re having a party at home or in the park, some adornments are required. Though throwing a party outdoors allows us to have many more creative decorations than indoor parties.

For example, inflatables with customized designs could be perfect for an outdoor party. They can be of any shape, design, and color you want to match your bachelorette party. Maybe a giant champagne bottle, a diamond ring, or whatever design you want.

Don’t be afraid to go wild with this because there’s never too much decorating for a bachelorette party. Consider beginning with the racier decorations and scaling them back with more conservative décor for the next day if you’re conducting a multi-day event.

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