3 Steps for Looking Stylish While Staying Warm

Often, we sacrifice fashion in the name of comfort when the weather gets cold. But is it possible to stay nice and toasty while looking like a million dollars? Of course it is—otherwise, this article would have a really misleading title! Read on to learn our three steps for looking stylish while staying warm, whether you’re heading to brunch, events, or work!

Pick a Toasty Base

Layers are the key to success when dressing for cold weather. While big and cozy clothes may suggest warmth, the best way to keep heat near you is to opt for fitted pieces. Look for breathable fibers like merino wool or silk—tight clothes keep your body heat right up against you, while bulky clothes allow this warmth to escape.

Depending on the area, you may need to add a second layer before styling your look—this layer should be on the thin and fitted side. Finally, finish layering with a cozy piece like a bulky sweater (since you’ve trapped the heat with layers one and two, this third layer is your chance to express those comfy vibes).

Bring In Some Style

Now is your opportunity to class up the look without sacrificing any warmth. Think about tucking in your shirts and sweaters to bring fabric closer for warmth and create a better shape versus the bulky look of untucked sweaters. You may also want to go for a wider belt if you’ve gone with an oversized sweater—thin belts may seem awkward and unbalanced in comparison.

Finally, try to mix up your top and bottom styles. If you’ve got a thick sweater on top, consider tight tailored pants to balance out the look.

Accessorize and Complete the Look

Regardless of the season, most outfits aren’t complete until you add an accessory or two to round it out. Dangly earrings might be perfect in the spring or summer, but they can get caught in a scarf or turtleneck. Instead, choose a pair of statement studs.

Boots are among the shoes every woman should have in her closet, and now’s the perfect time to break them out. Tuck your pants into the boots to call attention to your chic footwear while trapping more heat!

Now that you know these three steps for looking stylish while staying warm, ward off frostbite and look good doing it!

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