You may have heard of sites such as Patreon or OnlyFans, which allow you to interact with content creators in various ways. Websites that give fans interactive and often personal communication channels with their favorite creators for a monthly fee have become increasingly popular over recent years. 

However, with websites such as these taking larger cuts from creators or adding additional fees for users, it is no surprise that creators and users alike are turning to other websites. We have reviewed a newer website that connects creators and their fans to see if it benefits both fans and creators to switch to this site. 

Read on for more information, and check out for further details about the newest content site. 

For Creators

Alua is a new site that allows you to earn money while interacting with others. You may already have a high following on TikTok or Instagram but want to increase your income stream without spending time building up a third platform. 

Alua will benefit you if you want to increase your income from social media platforms. You can invite your followers from other platforms to join you on Alua for a more personal experience. 

Via Alua, you can make money from paid chat opportunities for fans, a referral program for more users to the site, and subscriptions for fans to view your content. A feature also allows you to charge per view for your content if you wish to use it. 

With the above-mentioned paid chat feature, you can make money while casually getting to know your fans. As the creator, you can choose how much you charge for everything you offer, including the chat messages. 

You will not pay anything to set up an account with Alua, meaning you have nothing to lose by trying out the platform to see how you like it. If you start earning with Alua, you will receive 80% of your earnings after the Alua platform fee has been taken. 80% is a high earning amount in comparison to many similar sites. 

For Fans

If you are looking for a user-friendly, app-based way to connect with your favorite influencers, social media personalities, models, and more, then you should look no further than Alua. You can access and follow the content of your favorite creators or contact them all from your smart device. 

Alua offers a secure, scam-free way to access additional content and have a personalized experience of getting to know content creators you are interested in. You can be sure you will get the service you are paying for. 

It is equally impressive that fans can follow creators and influencers for free with no obligation to pay for additional content or communication. The option to view a limited amount of content for free allows you to decide if the content is something you want to pay for before you spend any money.

If you choose to pay for content through the app you will be able to choose which creators to subscribe or chat to depending on how much you can afford, as each creator sets their own prices. 

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