If you have a raging desire to create your own YouTube channel in 2023 but an equally burning fear that it will not fetch success, we have good news for you.

The first good news is that it will cost less time and effort to start a YouTube channel and make it a good source of income. As for the second one, you should know no time has ever been better to start your YouTube channel than in 2023. 

However, there are certain factors about YouTube that you should know before starting your channel. Knowing YouTube’s algorithm, how it monetizes your channel, and how much monetary benefits you can expect is crucial. 

If you are passionate about creating content on YouTube and want to make a living, you must consider understanding some specific factors about YouTube. 

Before starting your YouTube channel this article, we have compiled what you need to understand before creating a YouTube channel. So, use it as a guide and begin your journey of becoming a YouTube star in 2023. Let’s dive in!

● YouTube’s Algorithm Promotes Videos Regardless of Channel Size in 2023

The algorithm’s first task is to recommend videos to viewers. Fortunately, it only does it by looking at channel views and subscribers. Instead, the algorithm looks for good signals for individual videos, such as engagement, high click-through rates, and average watch time. 

When YouTube’s algorithm finds these positive signals, among other things, it’s more likely to suggest your content to viewers. 

So don’t worry. Starting a YouTube channel is impressive, regardless of your number of subscribers. We’ve seen creators with small channels reach thousands of views, and you can do it too!

● YouTube Offers Great Monetization Features

You can include ads in your content by joining the YouTube Partner Program. You earn money when your viewers see or click on these ads, so imagine your revenue snowballing as you monetize more videos. 

But before applying to join the YouTube Partner Program, make sure your channel has reached one of the following goals:

  1. Your channel has 1,000 subscribers plus 10 million public YouTube Shorts views within 90 days.
  2. You have 1,000 YouTube subscribers with 4,000 watch time hours within the last 12 months. 

You will earn 55% of all ad revenue for regular videos. However, the ad revenue of YouTube Shorts is less than full-length videos; it is now at 45%. 

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So, check it out, as you will have more views on your channel resulting in monetization in a short time. 

● Use Relevant Keywords to Boost YouTube SEO

Now that you have an idea about the necessary milestones you need to have to monetize your channel, let’s look at YouTube SEO and how it functions. 

First, you must understand that YouTube is a search engine like Google, except that all search results are videos. 

So, just like Google, keywords help YouTube’s algorithm understand what the video is about. So, they get a high chance to show up in the Suggested list next to related videos. It means you are more likely to attract new viewers. 

A keyword can be a single word—lifestyle, tech, or make-up. Additionally, phrases comprising two or more words often give YouTube and users a better idea of ​​topics. For instance, “smart home,” “make-up tutorial,” “funny videos,” and so on. 

Just remember not to exaggerate with YouTube keywords. A single keyword in the title is sufficient. So, keep it crisp, to the point, and short. 

Studies show that ten-word or fewer video titles appear best in YouTube search results because 81% of the most popular videos fall under this limit. 

So you must aim for eight to ten words with a maximum title length of around 60 characters, and that too with spaces. You can use 100 characters, but search results only show the first 60 characters.

● You Must Have a Specific Motivation

One of the most crucial things behind starting your YouTube channel is why you want to have a channel on YouTube. It’s not “the desire to act and work” but “why you act and work.” 

You can teach others how to decorate your home or cook delicious recipes. You may want to play and review make-up products, books, or video games. It can be anything, but it has to be something. 

Your motivation is the foundation of three key elements that all successful YouTube channels share. Those are reach, target audience, and the reason behind the channel’s existence.

Remember the following things – 

  • Your target audience will like and learn from your videos. 
  • Your topic coverage is what your videos say. 
  • And lastly, people will get interested in watching your content on YouTube. 

You must define these things mentioned above before starting the channel. Otherwise, you’ll have a motley channel that only gets a few viewers. And not having a significant audience doesn’t fetch your long-term success.

● YouTube Allows Affiliate Marketing

You can put product links under a YouTube video. It’s elementary to insert product links into the description section. Viewers can then click on that item to purchase the physical or digital product you created or mentioned. And you will earn from it naturally. 

But don’t worry if you still need to be at an advanced level. Many creators who don’t sell their products make money by helping other companies sell them. At this point, you will become an “affiliate” with the company and receive a unique affiliate link to share with your audience. When a viewer clicks on your affiliate link and buys something from your company, you earn a small commission on the sale.

It doesn’t work on TikTok because you can’t add clickable links in the video description. So don’t take this opportunity for granted on YouTube.

● Understand The Recipe for YouTube Success 

You need to understand the recipe for YouTube success for a YouTuber: style and content. 

Many will say success depends on “content rather than style.” Well, they are wrong. The real key to success is “content and style.” YouTube viewers eat with their eyes, and many will turn their backs on you if you serve them a healthy but tasteless meal. 

There are three most vital components of a successful YouTube channel: 

  • Consistent Format
  • Smart Audience-targeting Title
  • Smart Video Thumbnail 

If your channel contains personal audio, you must have confident voices and annoying voice patterns and work on articulation. Being in front of a camera requires you to stand up straight, look at the camera, smile, and not fidget. 

Public speaking is only for some. If you feel uncomfortable talking in front of a camera, introduce yourself in an exciting format. If the style stays excellent and consistent, showing off the face is often not the most critical aspect. It can create a veil of excitement and mystery among your viewers. 

But also remember to edit your video correctly. Get a good video editing app, ensure the quality and frame rate is high enough and cut out unwanted parts.

● Have A Consisting Uploading Schedule

YouTube’s road to failure gets paved with good intentions. If you want to be a serious YouTuber, you have to treat it like a job. 

It means setting a consistent and realistic video upload schedule and sticking to it. 

Many new creators schedule one video per week. But if you’re starting, you’re probably balancing a full-time job with other responsibilities. Once a week might not be realistic. 

Consistency is more important than frequency. If you can only make a video once every two weeks, that’s fine.

Sticking to a sustainable schedule will help you move forward without burning out. Additionally, you’re more likely to stay on your creative journey longer to see results.

● Have All Equipment Ready 

You’ll also need the essential equipment to create quality videos to succeed. Because let’s be clear: first, you need to record, add voice or speak and edit the content properly before uploading. 

Luckily, you don’t have to spend much money to get started. The minimum requirements are:

● A Decent Camera 

Before spending significant money on a DSLR or mirrorless camera, know that a high-quality webcam or smartphone will do the trick first. If you’ve been creating videos for a year and know what needs to be improved, get a high-quality camera.

● A Green Screen

A green screen is required to change the background of the video. Basic green screen kits can cost you quite a bit. But you can use green sheets or DIY with white sheets painted green. 

● Tripod

If you have a camera or are using a smartphone, you will need a tripod to hold your camera steady and stable. 

● Microphones 

The built-in microphones that come with cameras could be better. Record the audio separately using an external microphone and mix it with the video. Learn more about dynamic microphones and find the right microphone for your content type.

● Screen capture software

It is required only if the video includes screen captures such as Excel video tutorials or PC gameplay. 

● Give a Shot for YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Shorts videos are essential for promoting your channel, especially for new creators. As of 2022, YouTube short videos have over 30 billion daily views. 

YouTube Shorts are videos that are less than 15 seconds long but can combine up to four 15-second segments into one 60-second short. YouTube automatically classifies all videos under 60 seconds as short videos. Shorts get marked with a red icon in search results and feeds.

Shorts also appear in a dedicated Shorts section where users swipe TikTok-style. 

Take a 15-second snippet from your latest video and upload it as a short video. Even better, if you take a few snippets from each video while editing, you can publish 2-3 short videos in less than a week.

Wrapping Up

So, this is our take on things you should understand about YouTube before starting your channel in 2023. You should use this article as your guide for creating your YouTube channel. So, start to feel like a content creator and try YouTube, as it can become your fundamental source of income in less time. 

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