Spotify has revolutionized the way we stream our music. It has provided budding and established artists a platform to reach a global stage. However, getting traction on the stage can take a lot of work. This is why it makes sense to buy followers.

If you are buying Spotify followers, you should ensure that you do so from the top sites selling real followers with active accounts. This is important if you do not want to get into trouble with the music streaming site.

Why You Should Buy Spotify Followers

Here are some great reasons why you should consider buying Spotify followers:

Enhance Social Proof

When you buy Spotify followers, you get a sense of credibility. Many users will think that you are popular and, therefore, follow your account.

Improved Visibility

You will get more exposure among potential listeners when you buy Spotify followers. This will, in turn, lead to more listens in the future.

Higher Search Ranking

The Spotify algorithm ranks the accounts with more followers and listens. This makes it easier for potential listeners to find your music.

Our Top 5 Choices of Buying Spotify Followers

If you need Spotify followers who are real people, consider  one of these sites:



SocialWick is the best site for buying real followers to engage with your account. The site uses high-tech technology and a network of social media users to deliver targeted followers who are interested in your music genre. This means that they will also increase your listen and playlist count. The site provides followers fast, with orders fulfilled within 24 hours. 

While the site has no free trial period, SocialWick has some of the most affordable packages, starting from $0.5 for ten followers. The platform accepts multiple payment methods such as Paypal, Payoneer, Credit cards, and Bitcoins. With their 24/7 customer service, you are kept informed of the status of your order.

Our Top 5 Choices of Buying Spotify Followers


  • Delivers targeted followers in your niche
  • Different plans to cater to different niches
  • High retention rate
  • 24/7 customer service


  • No free trial period

SocialWick keeps all buyer information discreet and confidential, meaning that nobody will know that you bought followers. You do not have to worry about details on your account falling into the wrong hands as the site is secured using SSL technology. To check out their packages, you can visit



On top of selling high-quality followers that stay forever, JayNike uses methods compliant with Spotify policy to deliver  Spotify followers. Instead of sending bots, the site uses an extensive network of social media influencers to get people in your niche to follow you. This ensures a higher engagement level that will help with the organic growth of your account.  

One of the reasons why follower numbers fall is because of bot accounts getting suspended by Spotify. The followers from JayNike are real people who will listen to your tracks and share your music with other users. When you buy human followers from JayNike, you will not have to worry about the number of followers dropping.


  • High-quality followers
  • Followers do not drop
  • Zero risk to your account
  • No password needed


  • No live chat feature

JayNike values its customers’ satisfaction, and that’s why it has top-notch customer service. In case of a problem, their 24/7 customer service is always available to answer your questions. All their followers are from international sources, giving you a bigger audience and exposure. To try out their services, you can visit their site.

Our Top Choices of Buying Spotify Followers: JayNike



One of the sites that sells high-quality followers who will also stream your videos is SpotifyStorm. Since 2017, the site specializes in providing Spotify services such as streams, views, and followers. With their high-quality followers from international sources like the U.S., UK, and Germany, they will make a difference in your following.

The site delivers followers within a few hours of ordering. However, they ensure that they do so in a drip-like manner to prevent your account from getting flagged. The site is safe and secure to order from; you do not need to enter a password to complete your purchase. With their 24/7 customer service, they are always at hand to respond to your queries.


  • High follower retention rate
  • Affordable prices
  • Safe and secure site
  • A 60-day refill guarantee


  • No free trial period

SpotifyStorm is a favorite for many users, and that’s why they have thousands of positive reviews from different users. The followers have a great retention rate even though they cost as little as $7.9 for 1000 followers. Considering the quality of their followers, this is one of the most affordable prices in the industry. To try out their services, you can visit

Top Sites to Buy Spotify Followers: SpotifyStorm



On top of Spotify followers, SidesMedia sells daily, weekly, or monthly plays at an affordable price. Their services are available in many countries, including the U.S., U.K., and Australia. This offers users an opportunity to get followers from all over the world. In case of a problem, they have a  responsive customer service team that will handle your problem within 48 hours.

You don’t need to enter your Spotify password; you only need to paste your profile link. The site uses SSL technology, meaning that all your personal and financial information is well-secured. The site packages start from 500 followers to 10,000, making them suitable for well-established musicians. If you are a beginner, you should consider another site, such as SocialWick.


  • User-friendly site
  • Safe and secure
  • Good customer service


  • Delivers bot followers

The followers from Sidesmedia have a poor retention rate, which could be a sign that bots leave them. This may pose a danger of your account getting banned by Spotify. There are also alternative services available online. Visit Increditools for an organic Spotify promotion service.



It can be tough for artists to establish their brands on Spotify. This is why Bulkoid sells a wide range of comprehensive services for Spotify users. Some of their services include Spotify streams, monthly listeners, followers, and more. The site charges affordable prices even though these are higher than sites such as SocialGreg.

Top Sites to Buy Spotify Followers: Bulkoid

Bulkoid has a beautiful and user-friendly site that makes the ordering process easier. When you order from the site, you can expect the followers in about seven days. This is a bit longer than expected. Other sites, such as SocialWick, start delivering followers in less than 24 days.


  • User-friendly site
  • Comprehensive Spotify followers


  • Followers drop after sometime

While Bulkoid claims that they deliver real followers, there are doubts concerning that. The reason is that the followers tend to drop after some time. They also do not listen to your track and only add to your numbers.

FAQs on Best Sites to Buy Followers

Some of the frequently asked questions on the best sites to buy followers are:

Which is the best site to buy followers?

If you need high-quality followers to stream your music, we recommend buying from SocialWick.

Where can I buy followers cheap?

For the best prices on followers, we recommend buying from SpotifyStorm.

Does buying Spotify followers help?

Yes! It helps by boosting your Spotify presence and helping your music reach a larger audience. However, it only works when you buy from sites such as JayNike that use their network to ask people to follow you instead of selling bot followers. 

How to get 1K followers on Spotify?

The easiest way to get 1k followers on Spotify is by buying on real sites such as SocialWick that promote your content to Spotify users.

FAQs on Best Sites to Buy Followers

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an aspiring musician or a content creator, one of the most important decisions you can make is to boost your Spotify presence. With many followers, you can gain more visibility, attract more listeners, and become popular.

However, growing your account organically requires a lot of time and effort. This is why you need to buy followers. When you acquire followers from the top sites that use white hat methods, you can see instant success without risking your account.

But which are the best sites to buy Spotify followers? We recommend SocialWick, JayNike, and SpotifyStorm. These sites deliver high-quality followers that stay forever. They have good customer service and charge an affordable fee.

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