What if your pet dog could talk instead of barking? You’d know how much it loves you or how sorry it is about the mess on your carpet. It would also tell you when it’s going out and where. But that’s not about to happen, right?

Recent advances, however, in artificial intelligence and machine learning suggest the longstanding dream of communicating with animals. They also help us to take better care of them. Thanks to artificial intelligence, scientists are learning to translate animals’ vocalizations and facial expressions into what you can understand.

Technology also helps us to take better care of our pets including tracking their movements. Pet parents will never stop worrying that their dogs may get lost, taken, or hurt and they won’t be able to do anything. We become extra vigilant when we travel because they are in an unknown area and won’t find their way home.

But with the best dog smart collar with a GPS tracker feature, those worries are a thing of the past. Based on the premium features of the smart pet collar you choose, you will be able to know your dog’s location. You’ll also know about its daily activities, its quality of sleep, and a lot more. 

Smart Collar Technologies that Will Improve the Way you Live With Your Pet

As a dog lover, your top priority should be to make your fluffy friend as happy as it can be. The first step to achieving this, however, is to keep them safe as this is one of the main struggles of dog owners. The good news is that there are ways to keep your pet safe and happy. You can do this by using the best smart collar for dogs.

This article is intended to help you know about some of the best smart pet collars that will serve to improve the way you live with your pet.

Smart Collar Technologies that Will Improve the Way you Live With Your Pet
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  1. Fi Smart Dog Collar

The Fi smart collar is like a Fitbit for your pet as it’s both a GPS tracker and an activity monitor. It’s built for lost dog scenarios and notifies individuals immediately after the pet leaves the safe zone. But unlike other smart pet collars, the Fi collar isn’t a shock collar and will not shock your pet.

It will also not vibrate or signal your dog that they need to turn around. Based on your needs, this is neither a disadvantage nor an advantage. That’s because you shouldn’t use a shock collar on a young puppy. As such, the Fi smart collar makes a great puppy collar.

If you want your pet to lose weight or get more exercise, use the Fi smart dog collar. It will help you in checking the calories burned and setting goals, enabling the collar to monitor the dog’s daily activities.

The apps for the Fi smart dog come with great features. Also, you can add as many dogs and family members to your account. This way, they’re able to check on your pet anytime.

  1. Findster Duo

This collar works as an excellent GPS tracker for pet parents who are scared of losing their dogs.

Note that all the features that this smart collar provides work around the goal of tracking a dog’s location. This may pose a challenge if you want the product to do what other smart collars do. It is, however, excellent when comparing it with pet trackers.

Using this smart collar device isn’t difficult. That’s because of how intuitive its app is. So you shouldn’t worry about getting lost along the process. Aside from that, this device uses top-tier MAZE technology. This ensures that you can use the collar’s GPS tracker without having cellular network coverage.

This is one of the best smart collars for dogs if you need a budget-friendly pet tracker. That’s because you won’t need to spend money on subscription plans to enjoy its features. As a result, you end up saving a lot of money in the long run. 

  1. SpotOn GPS Dog Fence Collar

Creating virtual fences is one of the best things that you can do to keep your pet safe. That’s considering that it helps you to know what happens to your pet when it steps out of them.

These fences, however, are only as useful as the freedom you have to make them. Thus, it won’t help to only make small fences that are all too wide but don’t provide you with any information. That’s why there’s the SpotOn dog collar to change that.

This device allows you to create fences of the size that you want and to follow unusual property lines. These fences can go through water, any heavy brush, and even buildings. It’s perfect for those individuals who live close to obstacles that may interfere with what the smart pet collar does.

Using this collar’s app is simple as its interface guides you through all its features. It simplifies everything to help you avoid any challenges when checking on your pet.

The process of creating virtual fences with this smart dog collar isn’t difficult. That’s because the only thing that you need to do is to mark your territory. Teach your pet to move inside the fence and check how everything goes using your phone.

  1. Whistle Go Explore

This is one of the most modern products on the market. The technological developments it features will help you take care of your pet and check on its activities.

This app can be connected to Google Maps to help pet parents track their dog’s location. The collar also works as a GPS tracker in finding dogs when they get lost. But what makes this product one of the best dog smart collar options is how it helps you to care for your pet.

The app tele-vet enables users to know what may be bothering their dogs whenever they are sick. Also, submitting your dog’s data and statistics enables the app to show you the food portions that should be given to them to ensure they’re healthy and happy. 

  1. FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

As a little dog’s owner, you may have looked at most of the GPS dog collars and thought that they’ll be too heavy or bulky for your dog. The FitBark GPS dog tracker, however, is small and lightweight. It also has some of the features that are only found on super high-end options.

If you use an iOS or Android application, you’ll be able to monitor your dog’s health, activity levels, and sleep quality. You can also monitor the dog’s calories, anxiety, and a lot more. Note that you can also pair this device with your Apple watch. 


There’s nothing a pet parent wouldn’t do to keep their dog safe and healthy. As evident in the article, getting an air tag for dogs is the best step you can take in protecting your dog and training it.

Technological developments have helped to improve how we live. Thus, we can use these technologies to improve how our dogs live and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Check out the options in the article to see how much your preferred device will help you raise and take care of your dog.

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