In this post, you are going to learn a partition magic for Windows 10 and 11. Besides, we will show you how it works step by step.

Why do we need a partition magic in Windows 10?

Usually, PC users do not pay attention to disk management tools. However, it is very important for computer users. Because we will face various problems about partitions or disks when we use the computer, such as extending partitions, deleting partitions, shrinking partitions, formatting partitions, Converting MBR to GPT, cloning disks and so on.

As we all know, Disk Management and Command Prompt are the most commonly used disk management tools. But they do not fully meet our needs. In Windows OS, some operations cannot be done by built-in tools, they are restricted under certain conditions, such as Windows extend volume greyed out.

Therefore, we need more powerful partition magic to help us perform advanced operations.

Partition magic in Windows 10 free download

As you can see from the last paragraph, reliable partition magic is essential to manage disks or partitions without any problems on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. But for users, how to choose the best one among the many products?

Here, I highly suggest you try a free partition software – AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. It not only breaks the limitations of Disk Management, but also makes disk partition management becomes easier with its excellent features. Its advantages are as follows:

  • This is an all-in-one tool that provides a variety of useful features to meet the different needs of users.
  • It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 64-bit and 32-bit PC.
  • Friendly interface provides operation guide, so that users will not be confused in operation.
  • Every features requires final confirmation to take effect, so there is no need to worry about data loss caused by accidental clicks.

In addition to the basic tasks of extending, shrinking, formatting, and creating partitions, it can also clone SSD to larger SSD, convert MBR to GPT, convert dynamic disk to basic, move applications to another drive, etc.

Powerful Partition Magic in Windows 10

Example: How does this Windows 10 partition tool work?

We often use partition magic to free up space or extend the system drive. So in this part, I will show you how to free up system drive space and extend the C drive with AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

▶ Clean up junk files

If your computer suddenly slow, the culprit is most likely junk files. You can clean up the junk files in the system drive to keep the PC in good running condition.

Step 1. Download partition magic in Windows 10 first. Then, click “PC Cleaner” under “All Tools”. 

Clean up junk files

Step 2. Now, you can click “Start Scan” to fully scan junk files. 

fully scan junk files

Step 3. After scanning over, these junk files will be divided to system junk files and registry junk files. You can tick targets and click “Clean All” to delete them.

these junk files will be divided to system junk files

Step 4. When you see a correct symbol displayed in the interface, you can click “Back” to leave the function. 

correct symbol displayed in the interface

▶ Extend C drive when there is no adjacent unallocated space

When the unallocated space is not adjacent to the C drive, we cannot use Disk Management to expand the C drive. At this point, Extend Volume will be greyed out. But AOMEI Partition Assistant can help you get the job done.

Step 1. On the main interface, right click the C drive and select “Merge Partitions”.

Extend C drive when there is no adjacent unallocated space

Step 2. Here you acn tick the C drive and unallocated space, which means add unallocated space into C drive.

C drive and unallocated space

Step 3. Click “Apply” to commit the pending operation.

commit the pending operation

Final words

From what has been discussed above, AOMEI Partition Assistant can help you easily manage disks or partitions while keeping your data safe. And, its intuitive interface makes everything simple and easy.

Also, if you have no unallocated space on your disk, you can also expand your C drive by allocating free space after upgrading to the AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. There are many more features waiting for you to unlock!

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