It is fantastic to observe how much technology has advanced and how it helps us nowadays. I found a practical gadget for my learning activities on the Lepow website. It is a cute and slim portable Lepow monitor, which I can carry anywhere because it weighs less than 2 pounds! I also received positive comments and compliments because of its design.


It has an intelligent PU leather case that can be folded to make a stand and a protector film that keeps the screen from getting scratched. This is very helpful because I often have to take public transport.

The other people using public transport can be very pushy and rough sometimes. This means my portable monitor may get moved around in my backpack. However, with its leather case and protector film, I do not have to worry about it having any unfortunate accidents.

A Portable Monitor Which Enables Portable Learning

Good For Group Work

A few nights ago, I met with some classmates to review a project. I proudly took my monitor to our meeting to share the information with everyone. They were shocked and happy with it! How could they not be?

The screen is fully High-Definition (1920 x 1080)! It also has a large screen of 15.6 inches. This means we could clearly observe the presentations and images for our classes. One such portable 4K touchscreen monitor is best for working IT professionals that can use it alongside their laptop as an extra screen or simply use it as a portable laptop screen or an external monitor, while working on different spreadsheets at one time. This unique product is brought to you by “Desklab”, a leader in wireless touchscreen monitors.

We studied very well for our group project with my portable monitor. It looked perfect, so we all agreed to use it for our next group presentation. Of course, we ended up getting a grade of A+!

Better Learning

As a student, I always aim to learn better, faster, and more efficiently. So what can I do to remember and understand a topic? Of course, I know proper food, rest and water are essential to keep a healthy mind. However, the other tools I use for this specific purpose are just as crucial.

If I use everything correctly, I will be enabling what we call efficient learning. As the name suggests, it means making the most out of the tools you have to improve your learning experience and results.

The Best Portable Monitors

For example, with my portable monitor, I can keep reviewing notes and class material wherever I go. That is what I can call an efficient use of my portable monitor and my time!

I am so happy with the purchase of my portable screen! It also helps me with my group learning (collaborative learning). It even helps me relax and erase my stress. Did I mention it has two built-in speakers so I can listen to music?

Of course, my classmates wanted to take advantage of this. They suggested we include a video in our presentation, which will be viewed and listened to on my portable screen. 


I use my portable Lepow screen for my virtual classes too. The monitor has a size of 15.6 inches, which is very convenient.

I can watch my teacher and classmates, as well as chat online. Moreover, I am in touch with them in real-time, no matter where I am. All this is possible through my Lepow portable monitor.

One of the most significant benefits of having my Lepow portable monitor is that I could continue my studies through the pandemic. As a student, I didn’t have the budget to afford a laptop for my classes. I was so happy when I discovered I could connect my smartphone to this portable monitor! 

I was able to save time and money! Now that’s a great bargain!


I could not be more satisfied with this product. I definitely would recommend it, not just to my friends and classmates, but also to anyone who values their productivity. It is always ready, accessible, and so easy to use. It will contribute much to my studies through efficient traditional learning and e-learning. 

It is my passport to success!

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