In today’s world, there is a lot of talk and concern over securing computer systems and protecting a business from internet attacks. Although these threats are real, they do not overpower the need for physical security in any business. Fortunately, there are a variety of options to help businesses provide the necessary physical security for their facilities, as well as manage those measures.

What is Physical Security and How is it Managed?

Physical security is any type of security measure taken to prevent crimes that occur from physical actions or events. For example, physical security is the measure needed to prevent shoplifting in a retail store. Genetec offers a variety of tools to aid in physical security. With innovative management, businesses gain confidence in their ability to protect their company and their employees.

Physical security is a multifaceted solution for protecting any physical location or facility. The main goal of this security is to prevent unauthorized access to those wishing to steal or cause damage to the business. However, preventing access is only the first step. Security must also be able to detect criminal activity as quickly as possible.

Once issues are detected, the security team must be able to act to either stop the activity, delay the activity until help arrives, or defend themselves against a threat. Recording all these activities will also help businesses prosecute those committing the actions.

In addition to the measures utilized to prevent issues on site, companies also need a person or team of people to help manage the security protocols. Whether it is someone to monitor video feed or coordinate the team, a company’s security is only as good as its management. Fortunately, a unified security platform can help ease that burden.


Video monitoring is one of the most important features of a physical security system. It allows the security team the ability to identify threats quickly and take action. Video monitoring and recording also make it easier to prosecute criminal offenders when an issue has already occurred.

Unfortunately, old, outdated CCTV footage may not be as beneficial in some cases. These cameras do not provide a clear and concise view of the area and the person committing the act. Updating systems to have a clear view of the entire area as well as show a precise image of the person or people involved will ensure the evidence will go far in court.

Access Control

Access control is an important tool in preventing unauthorized access to vulnerable areas of a business. Access control features have been around for almost as long as businesses have. Keys or card access controls help limit who enters a facility or various parts of the facility. However, outdated systems can be slow, hard to maintain, and may not be as limiting as needed for the company.

Fortunately, some systems can provide streamlined access for authorized individuals without risking unauthorized access to those who may have found a key card. Not only can they identify the person entering, but they can also alert security when a possible breach is occurring.

Unified Security Platform

With a unified security platform, companies can simply connect their physical security measures into one easy-to-use platform. The platform allows monitoring of all security features from one location. It even provides communication between all team members to ensure quick action when necessary.

Even if a company cannot afford to maintain security management 24 hours a day, these systems can make it easier to hire a management company to provide these services at a lower cost. With the increase in organized retail crime, every business needs to take their physical security system very seriously and make improvements to close any gaps.

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