On the coldest winter nights and the hottest summer days, having functioning air conditioning in your car is a lifesaver. Driving without it can be very uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous.

Many parts of your vehicle can suffer from wear and tear over time. Your aircon system is no different. Here are a few handy tips to help you increase its lifespan.

Use your aircon regularly

The less you use your aircon, the more it can deteriorate. This is because the system relies on gas, fluids and lubricants flowing through the system.

Without sufficient flow, components can dry up and gas pressures can be disrupted making it more difficult for the compressor to function effectively.

Try to run your aircon at least once a week on full blast and the coldest setting to get the system going. This will also help to reduce the accumulation of mildew.

Clean and replace air filters

Air filters are important to maintain the effectiveness of your aircon. If they are excessively dirty, blockages can reduce the airflow throughout your vehicle.

They also help to ensure that your air supply is clean to protect your health. You can replace air filters yourself if you want to or wait until your car has a service so it can be done by a professional.

Keep your interior clean

Dirt and dust in the interior can make their way into your car’s aircon system. Keep your car clean by vacuuming and dusting regularly. Little and often is a good way to stay on top of it.

This should help to prevent your air filters getting clogged and dust accumulating within the system. It will also reduce the particles being blown around in your vehicle by the airflow, which can be harmful to breathe in consistently.

Get an aircon service

If you prefer to avoid getting hands-on with car maintenance then you can always invest in a dedicated aircon service and regas. A technician will perform routine checks and tasks on the whole system so you can feel the full effect of your air conditioning.

They’ll typically refill gas and refrigerants that help to drive the system, replace air filters if necessary, check for leaks, and clean all the components to ensure maximum efficiency.

Having functioning air conditioning is important to ensure that you stay comfortable behind the wheel. If you take steps to preserve it, your aircon should keep you warm or cool for many miles to come.

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