We have just covered 3 months of 2023 and have already seen some of the best launches in the digital market. But guess what? You are still to witness the greatest launch of 2023 by Honor, which is their HONOR Magic 5 Pro. Honor has announced to launch of this smartphone soon, but it is now getting difficult to wait further. The phone will be released by the end of March 2023. And till then, we can discover the best about this smartphone and how it is a complete package for us all.

Why is there so much hype about Honor Magic 5 Pro?

Even though the smartphone is not released yet, the hype about it is increasing day by day, and it will remain till the day it releases. But we should also see what all this hype is about and what is so special about this smartphone that everyone is talking about it. For this, we will have to look into the special features of this smartphone.

What are the features of Honor Magic 5 Pro?

Do you know what makes a smartphone flagship? The updated features, amazing looks, desired specifications, and reasonable pricing. So, when we look at the features of Honor Magic 5 Pro, we cannot help but call it a flagship phone.

Honor Magic 5 Pro has some unique features and is equipped with the latest technologies. We need to look at each of those features one by one:

  • Battery and charging:

The Honor Magic 5 Pro has a large 5100mAh Li-Po, non-removable battery fitted inside. The charging of this smartphone requires 66W wired and 50W wireless. Isn’t this great? And we assure you that this one complete phone charging will last you up to several hours.

  • Sensors:

The smartphone supports multiple sensors like face ID, fingerprint, proximity, compass, accelerometer, gyro, and color spectrum.

  • Pricing:

Not only the features of Honor Magic 5 Pro but the pricing of this smartphone also makes it a flagship. It is to be reported that the phone is priced at the midrange, so average people can easily afford it. The phone’s actual price is yet to be announced, but with the estimates and stats, it is concluded that it is not overly priced.

Can Honor Magic 5 Pro give tough competition to other latest launches in the market?

After reading the above part of this blog, you can all answer this question. In our opinion, this smartphone is going to give a tough completion to other new smartphones that are launched this year. And it is a healthy competition where one product surpasses its qualities and features. Also, it will be an achievement of Honor with each new launch being the best than the previous one.

Final thoughts:

This blog has talked enough about HONOR Magic Pro and its related things. What caught our attention about this phone is its design and appearance of it. Try this smartphone yourself and provide us with your feedback after using it.

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