Nowadays, our lives are inseparable from smartphones, which contain all kinds of important information about us. Almost everything can be done through the smart phone, such as shopping, communication, entertainment. So your iPhone must carry a lot of your important data. Have you ever experienced a data loss disaster? According to statistics, 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute. When the phone is lost, you can buy a new one, but those precious data, old photos, meaningful videos, important files, etc., if there is no backup, it will be difficult to retrieve them after they are lost. That was just horrible. This is one of the reasons why World Backup Day was established. And here, you can learn the best way to backup iPhone.

Backup iPhone is necessary

The iPhone is recognized as one of the best phones in the world. With good hardware and a stable iOS system, the iPhone never seems to have a problem. However, iPhone is also an electronic device, and all electronic devices will have problems at times.

  • Our iPhone acts according to your commands, and it will execute as soon as we tap the button. But sometimes, we may accidentally tap the delete button and lose important data. If there is an available backup, then we can easily recover the deleted data.
  • After every iOS update, many users complain that some data has disappeared from their iPhones. What we can know is that we can’t avoid data loss after the update, but if we make a backup of our Apple phone beforehand, then we can recover the data quickly.
  • Simple problems can be solved by just rebooting. But for serious software problems, it is necessary to reset iPhone to factory settings, which means all data will be lost. In this case, if there is a backup, then there is no need to worry about data loss and we can easily restore the backup after the reset.

In short, we may lose data on our iPhones for various reasons. It is necessary to make regular backups so that we can quickly retrieve lost data in various situations.

What’s the best way to backup iPhone?

After understanding the importance of backing up your iPhone, let’s see what is the best way to back up your iPhone.

In fact, Apple offers two ways for users to back up their iPhones: iTunes and iCloud. However, iTunes and iCloud will only let you back up the way they specify.

  • You can’t preview and select the data you need to back up.
  • The backup files are unreadable, which means you will never know what kind of data has been backed up.
  • When you want to retrieve lost data through the backup, you will find that it does not allow you to recover only the data you need. What’s worse, you will lose all existing data on iPhone.

The good news is that it’s possible to backup iPhone to computer without iTunes. You can rely on third-party backup tools to help you back up your iPhone in an easy, fast, and safe way

Best iPhone backup software for Windows Users

Let me introduce the best free software to backup iPhone for Windows users, that’s FoneTool. This tool is designed to meet the different backup needs of users in different situations.

You are allowed to customize your backup plan and also the restoration plan:

  • Preview and select the data you want to backup
  • Check the backup files on computer anytime
  • Restore selected data to device without erasing data on device

It is the best choice if you want to backup iPhone on Windows in the way you want. In addition, it also allows you to directly backup iPhone to USB flash drive or external hard drive.

FoneTool Full Backup

The Full Backup will backup all content and settings on your iPhone, including contacts, photos, call history, text messages, memos, calendars, Safari (history, bookmarks), applications (data files, preference), and system settings.

Best iPhone Backup Software for Windows Users

FoneTool Selective Backup

You can take advantage of Selective Backup to backup contacts, iMessages, text messages, songs, photos and videos. FoneTool will sort your data by type to make it easy for you to quickly find the data you want to back up.

You can go to the Backup Management page to manage your backups. All backup tasks you have created will be listed there. On this page, you can check the backup files, run an incremental backup, delete the backups or restore the backup to device.

FoneTool Selective Backup

Final words

As you can see, you can easily backup iPhone to PC and manage backup files with the help of FoneTool. Actually, besides data backup, FoneTool also supports data transfer between iPhone and computer, between two iDevices. You can even let it help you transfer music from iPhone to iPhone with different Apple IDs, which means you can easily share songs with family and friends.

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