With the development of the Internet, users are increasingly relying on online operations for their work and life. With this comes a lot of important data and files. For the safety of your data, you should make regular backups of your data.

However, traditional backup methods are no longer suitable for users’ backup needs nowadays, as they need more flexible, convenient, and cost-effective backup solutions. That’s why a new type of backup has become popular: online backup.

Online backup, also named cloud backup or remote backup, is one of the most popular backup methods in the market. Online backup service will safely back up your files and data to a remote server location for storage, protecting your files and data from local disasters, system problems, and more in this way.

In addition to data security, online backup can let you access your files and data on any device. That way, you don’t have to carry your storage device around with you, but can easily access your files and other data from anywhere.

The Best Free Online Backup Storage

When choosing an online backup service for your files and data, you may want to know what the best online backup storage is, and if it’s free, so much the better. For this, here comes the best free online backup storage service – CBackup.

The Best Free Online Backup Storage

CBackup is a free online backup storage software that provides professional backup features. One of these useful features is Backup PC to Public Cloud. With the help of it, you can make online backup to most mainstream cloud drives including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

When you want to create a backup in CBackup, there are some useful free features to make your backup tasks more convenient. You can enable the Scheduler feature and choose a certain time mode to make your backup task perform regularly and automatically. And there are 4 different time modes for you to choose. Besides, to let you know the results of the backup, CBackup provides the Email Notification feature for free. You can choose to receive an email when the backup succeeds or fails. And you are able to select certain types of files to back up or not back up with the File Filter feature in CBackup.

What’s more, once you make backups of your data via CBackup, you can restore them with a few clicks. CBackup provides a version history feature, so you can choose to restore your files to any version and you do not need to worry about data loss then.

Backup PC to Public Cloud

CBackup can be the best backup software for its comprehensive backup features and simple operating steps to backup data to cloud:

1. Download and install the CBackup client on your PC for free > create a new CBackup account > open the client to log into the account.

Backup PC to Public Cloud

2. Then, click on My Storage > Add Clouds to choose your cloud drive. You can choose your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive account here.

Backup PC to Public Cloud

3. Choose Backup > Backup PC to Public Cloud here.

Backup PC to Public Cloud

4. Next, you can choose files from your PC as the backup source, and choose the cloud drive account you just added to CBackup as the backup destination.

cloud drive account

5. After the above, you need to click on the Start Backup button to begin your backup task from PC to a cloud drive account easily and fast.

Get more online backup storage space for free

Get more online backup storage space for free

We all know that various cloud drives generally give each new account a free storage space, but that’s too little for users with backup needs. If you want more storage space for online backups, you have to pay for a subscription to their plans, which is a significant expense.

For this, CBackup offers a free combined cloud storage feature that can give you unlimited online backup space. It allows you to add as many cloud drive accounts as you have to CBackup. Most mainstream cloud drives are supported including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. The cloud drive accounts can come from the same cloud service or different cloud services. Then you can merge these cloud drive accounts into a combined cloud with a larger online backup storage space.

After forming a combined cloud, you will see it in your clouds list. Then you can select the Combined Cloud as a backup destination when you want to create a backup task and enjoy the larger online backup space for free.

online backup storage space for free

To Sum Up

We have introduced the best free online backup storage – CBackup comprehensively for you. If you are looking for a online backup service, CBackup can be a nice option. With the help of it, you can protect you files, folders, programs, systems, and more on PC better.

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