Are you looking to catch some waves this year? Surfing works out the entire body and can give you an amazing thrill. It’s both a good workout and a fun hobby, but if you’re just starting there are some things to know.

When it comes to surfing tips for beginners, some of the best advice will be what you need to get out in the water. Finding the right surfing equipment is the first step to catching the perfect wave. Read on to see what those would be.

Surfing Tips for Beginners: The Gear You Can't Go Without


The obvious first thing you need is a surfboard. Surfboards can be very costly, but you can find used boards for a good price, so don’t buy the first board you see.

If you’re a complete beginner, it’s a good idea to go for a bigger board that will offer you better balance and give you more opportunities to catch waves as you learn. A longboard will get you where you want to go, and as you get better you can try out how a shortboard feels if you want more movement on waves. Alternatively, you can use an inflatable stand up paddle board. This would be great for beginners. You can get it at a very flexible price. Definitely, it will work for you much better than any other surfboard.

Surfboard Leash

Do you know that string connecting the board to the surfer’s ankle? That’s a leash, and it’s an essential item to buy before you hit the waves. It helps you keep track of your board if you fall off, and it could also save your life.

Surfing can wear you out, especially if you’re new to the sport. If you have been out on the water for a while and get hit by a wave, the leash keeps your board close so you have an easy flotation device to help you get to shore.


Depending on where you live or are planning to begin surfing, you may need to invest in a wetsuit. If you’re starting on the west coast, a wetsuit is a must due to the water temperature.

You want to dress appropriately for surfing and be ready to get wet. If you’re trying to be cost-conscious when buying beginner surf gear, don’t worry so much about the fashion and more about the functionality. If you’re hoping to look stylish on the beach, you can find great looks at shops like Salty Crew for when you don’t need a wetsuit to keep you warm.


Sunscreen is an absolute must for your surfing equipment list. You have to protect yourself from the sun while being out in the water for hours at a time, so find sunscreen made for surfers. You should also look for reef-safe sunscreen so you know when it washes off you that it isn’t hurting the ocean and the animals living in it.

Surfing Tips For Beginners

This list will help you get started, but there are lots of other surfing gear you may decide to use including earplugs, surf wax, and a travel bag. When it comes to surfing tips for beginners you want to make sure you’ve got the right equipment before running into the ocean.

Take your time finding the best surfing equipment for you and you’ll be in the best position to catch good waves from the start. If you found this helpful in getting you started with surfing, check us out for more fitness tips.

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