The backyard has become the go-to choice for events and parties in the past few years.  You get to share your outdoor area with your friends and family while showing off your garden and hosting skills.

Backyard parties are less stressful than booking a venue, too. You don’t have to worry about leaving the event on time and can save hundreds of dollars that would have been otherwise spent on cleaning fees and deposits.

However, hosting a backyard party still requires careful planning and some serious effort. You have to create a party timeline and should have a clear idea of where folks will sit long before your doorbell rings.

Perks of a Backyard Party

Backyard parties aren’t just cheaper and more flexible than venue-based events. Hosting an outdoor event is good for your health and well-being, too. Spending time outdoors with your loved ones can significantly improve your mood, as you’ll have plenty of access to vitamin D-rich sunshine.

Your guests are also far more likely to engage with activities if your party is held outdoors. Spending time in nature increases concentration and can enhance morale among your partygoers. This is particularly helpful if you are hosting a party for coworkers or are gathering for a difficult event like a wake.

The fresh air can even help attendees loosen up and start to enjoy the party atmosphere. Anyone who has held a backyard party can attest to the stress-busting power of fire pits and cornhole. It’s easy to forget about life’s worries when you are partying outside, and all your guests will relish the chance to laze about in your yard while chatting with friends.

Backyard parties can better suit your budget, too. Keep costs to a minimum by buying basics like water coolers and pitchers that serve as decor as well as refreshments. Multi-use furniture like ottomans can help you save on outdoor seating and storage while providing a relaxed space to socialize. Consider making it a B.Y.O.B party if you want to keep costs low, as you’ll easily spend hundreds of dollars on food and drink otherwise.

Organizing the Party

Outdoor events have some serious perks. However, you’ll need to start planning weeks in advance if you want the big day to go smoothly. Get your party planning started with the following steps:

  • Reach out to folks to find a mutually agreeable date for the party;
  • Find a theme and let invitees know — no one wants to turn up dressed to the nines for a slumber party!
  • Start to brainstorm activities that align with your theme;
  • Keep an eye on the weather as the day approaches and make accommodations if a downpour is on the forecast.

Remember to ask your guests if they’ll need any accommodations. Some guests may have particular dietary restrictions, while others may benefit from strategic ramp placement for mobility access.

Try to keep your guests organized by providing clear directions throughout the party. This is particularly important if you are hosting a party for your children. You can keep a kid’s party organized by establishing clear ground rules before the event begins. Designate some off-limits areas and keep the attendees fully occupied by providing plenty of structured group activities.

Decorating for a Theme

Take your backyard party to the next level by deciding on a theme for the event. This will encourage people to dress up in a particular fashion and can help get the conversation start when folks arrive at your party.

Consider a clear, easily recognizable theme if it’s your first time throwing a backyard party. For example, if you’re a millennial, consider a childhood throwback by hosting a 90s-themed party. Your guests are sure to enjoy hearing the music from their childhood and everyone secretly wants to bust out their glow sticks and denim jackets.

Make the garden party decoration choices easier by mapping out the space entirely. This will help you see where guests will eat, mingle, and play. Install some extra fairy lighting in key areas and give each table a focal point. This will make your event feel welcoming and will set the right mood after dark.

Engaging Your Guests

A backyard party is the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind with a group of close friends and family members. However, some of your guests may be a little socially anxious while others may not share any mutual acquaintances with you.

Break the ice and engage your guests by planning a few activities that require teamwork and communication. This will get everyone talking and will help break any awkward tension that may appear after your guests arrive. While there’s nothing wrong with classics like corn-hole, you can get creative with activities like:

  • Adult Scavenger Hunt: Provide riddles and mysterious clues to help guide your guests and get people talking. Offer an enticing prize like a bottle of wine or a spa day to the winner.
  • Murder Mystery: This requires some careful planning beforehand, as you’ll need to plant clues and make up a storyline before guests arrive. Opt for board game classics like Clue or Sour Grapes of Wrath to make it easier.
  • Team Trivia: A pub classic, break folks into groups and offer up a series of head scratches and pop-culture trivia to see who has the highest IQ in the party.

Engaging activities can help your attendees overcome their awkwardness and start conversing with mutual friends. Ensure that everyone feels welcome by intentionally foregrounding inclusion at your party. Assign roles to anyone who wants to help and provide quiet zones so folks can chill out if the party becomes too stimulating. Opt for caterers who can provide a range of foods and don’t forget to thank everyone for coming.


Outdoor parties are the perfect way to celebrate with your friends during the warmer months. But, before you start sending out invites, you need to create a clear theme for everyone to follow. Consider sticking to a simple theme — like a 90s party — to get everyone engaged and plan activities to break the ice when guests start to arrive.

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