Why People are Drawn to Rumi Quotes

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, aka Rumi, was a Persian poet, theologian, and scholar in 13th-century Persia. You can read more about his life when you click here. He created poems that were translated into many languages around the world today. In the United States, Rumi is known as the “best-selling poet” of all time.

Most of his works were written in Persian, but some are in Arabic and Greek verses. His works are widely-read, and he has influenced many people, even today. One of the most famous quotes of his was about him thinking that he was too smart, so he wanted to change the world. He then realized that the wiser people should change themselves first before they can make an impact in the world.

Other famous Rumi quotes talk about grieving. He said that one should never grieve as anything that is a loss will come around in another and much better form. Others include not to be satisfied with the stories of others. Instead, one should always unfold his myth and legacy.

Why People Get into Sayings

When things get tougher in life, lots of people turn to motivational quotes for a bit of inspiration. Most of the pithy sayings can include lexicons that came from influential and famous people. Quotes like the ones from Rumi can inspire, motivate, and even create happiness. Reading them can be compared to eating a slice of your favorite chocolate cake.

When it comes to quotes by Rumi, his philosophy in life is so unique that his statements often are about life and a possible explanation of man’s purpose for his existence. Some people have displayed his quotes to their desks to inspire them to work better throughout the day. Some wear them on their shirts and you can find them on sites such as this https://omandah.com/collections/rumi promoting his quotes. This is to remind them that they can be happy wherever they are.

Short Sayings to Think About

Short Sayings to Think About

Most people can be motivated by the worlds of dying with memories, not dreams. Some can take their imaginations to the highest peaks because of the words of Pablo Picasso. He says that everything that you can imagine can become real. Another from Oliver Wendell Holmes state that all limitations are usually self-imposed.

A quick scan in one’s social media profiles will tell what everyone what they already know: Lots of people love inspirational sayings. Some personalize it with artwork and beautiful lettering. Some have even made an effort to photoshop them. Most print them on their shirts, make posters, and even tattoo the letters to their bodies. 

The Science Behind Sayings are Tricky

People are different, and how they perceive things can significantly vary. This is why it can be hard to study the science behind inspiration and motivation. But one thing most people have in common is that when they begin to have an idea, another thought is born. To put this simply, ideas can create other ideas.

This is why teams and group settings do a brainstorm. Many find that they can do specific actions just by reading inspirational sayings. Even a single line can offer a fresh perspective to one’s beliefs, thoughts, and ideas. Reading quotes is like brainstorming and having conversations with a friend. Only you can do it alone and anytime you want.

Most of the sayings are distillations of more significant concepts. You don’t need to read the history behind the entire quotes and the meaning behind them. You can apply them to your life and interpret them in a way that works well for you. If you are in a hurry and you need a piece that doesn’t cover your entire life, a single line of the quote can get your life moving in the right direction.

On the internet today, you can find lots of sayings just by typing on your phone. Most sites can offer a quote of the day and even an endless list of the ones from Rumi. Another great thing about quotes is that you can affirm what you already know about yourself. 

Some people are drawn to lines such as “smooth seas never make skilled sailors.” If you are one of them, you are already defining yourself as the kind of person who acts and never quit when troubles strike. You are resilient through hardships, and this alone can be a valuable trait in navigating life.

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