It seems like most 20-something women are obsessed with the idea of marriage. However, some women have other things on their minds. There’s no need to feel like something’s wrong just because you don’t fantasize about being a wife.

Here are some practical reasons women may not want to walk down the aisle.

*Side note: these are reasons some people may use, not my personal opinions on marriage. 

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1. You’re Naturally Selfish

Reasons not to get married: Naturally Selfish

Usually, people outgrow their selfish years around their mid-to-late 20s, but that isn’t true for everyone. If you feel too selfish to be married, then please save your potential spouse some heartache.

2. Traveling Is Your No.1 Priority

Traveling Is Your No.1 Priority

It’s hard to have someone waiting at home for you while you’re jet-setting all over the world. Plus, your spouse shouldn’t come second to your hobbies.

3. You Lost Your One True Love

You Lost Your One True Love

Whether it be to an unfortunate event or a devastating heartbreak, some people just can’t get over their first love. Marrying someone knowing they aren’t really the person you want to be with does seem a bit cold.

4. You Came From An Unhealthy Family Environment

You Came From An Unhealthy Family Environment

Growing up in a turbulent household can make people feel that marriage only ends in unhappiness. You may not see any good in making that lifelong commitment based on how your parents demonstrate marriage. This is unfortunately too common in our modern world.

5. You Feel Complete Without A Husband

You Feel Complete Without A Husband

Maybe your pets fulfill you, or you want to adopt and start a family on your own. Marriage isn’t the end-all-be-all.

6. You Never Met A Man You Would Want To Marry

You Never Met A Man You Would Want To Marry

Marriage is all about meeting the right potential spouse. If you haven’t found a man you would want to spend the rest of your life with and have babies with, then why would you get married?

7. You Love Being Alone

You Love Being Alone

Some people really like their alone time, and constantly having to share a room and bathroom with someone may seem like the worst thing in the world.

8. You Don’t Feel A Religious Or Societal Need To Be Married

You Don't Feel A Religious Or Societal Need To Be Married

Some women are perfectly happy cohabiting with their boyfriends without ever making things’ official.’ It can be a way to end things smoother if anything were to happen, or you may just not feel a religious pull to tie the knot before starting a family together.

9. Your Career Comes First

Your Career Comes First

If you’re a workaholic, trying to have a romantic relationship can be difficult. You’re forced to choose between office hours and time spent with your significant other. It can be a frustrating thing for both of you, and it totally makes sense that this is reason enough to avoid marriage.

10. You’re Terrified Of Divorce

how to cope with never getting married

Some people will say to give marriage a shot and take the plunge anyway. But the idea of divorce is scary, and for some women, just the thought of it may give them doubts about tying the knot.

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