There are many options for online dating, and in a post-pandemic world, more people than ever have turned to virtual meets to get the ball rolling. While nothing substitutes for real-life passion, as an interim measure, a virtual meet can be a great start.

With working from home rocketing in popularity, the idea of video calling isn’t as usual as it might have been just a couple of years ago. A large proportion of the population now has experience in Skype and video calls through their work, making the idea of virtual dating less intimidating.

If you’ve been considering the idea of Skype dating, these FAQs will help you to take the first step.

How to Find Someone Who Is into Skype Dating?

So, you’ve decided that you’re open to Skype dating – what next? The easiest way to facilitate this is to go online with a Skype dating site, where people initially show up to experience the power of video communication for romance. The capabilities of the dating platform allow you to use video calling to “meet” your date. This is by far the most secure and safest way to reach a diverse dating pool and to find individuals with who you are compatible. You just create an account on a dating platform made for Skype dating, set your preferences, and start seeking compatible people using integrated search features!

Can You Really Feel the Spark Over Video?

Face-to-face contact is the easiest way to tell if there’s a spark, but it’s also possible to check for chemistry when you’re chatting over Skype too. Look out for all the usual body language that suggests they’re into you – twirling their hair, lots of eye contact, nodding, and smiling.

One of the ways you would normally check for a spark is by fleeting physical contact, such as fingers touching. Of course, that’s not possible over Skype, but that makes it easier in many ways. Rather than spending the whole date wondering if you can hold their hand or whether they will lean in for a kiss, you can focus all your attention on just chatting, which will be far more beneficial in the long run.

How to Prepare for the First Video Date?

The big day has arrived, and you’re about to have your first video date – but is it really any different from meeting up in real life? If you’re a whizz at first dates which are in person, you may not feel if you need to do anything differently for video dates – but you’d be wrong.

Video technology has come a very long way and now provides excellent quality and an uninterrupted stream. However, that won’t help you if you’ve got the camera pointing up your nose!

It may seem like an obvious suggestion but check out different angles before it’s time to take the call. Once you can see what puts you and your setting in the best light, get everything ready, so you can talk naturally without seeming as if you’re sitting in an odd position.

Most first dates talks place out in public so the other person wouldn’t get a glimpse of your home. Consider your surroundings and the message it sends out. While you should always be yourself, it won’t hurt to curate your background slightly to provide the best version on the first date!

How to Behave on a Video Chat?

First dates can be awkward, but if you’ve been exchanging messages for a while, it can seem a little less forced. Skype dating is no different, but if you persist, you’ll soon find that you power through the hardest part.

One of the most important elements is making sure that you have a private area where you can relax and chat. If you’re living on your own, that’s probably fairly simple to set up. However, if you flatshare or still live at home with family, the last thing you want is for someone to come barging in mid-date! Even if that doesn’t actually happen, if you’re on edge because you know you could be interrupted, you won’t be giving out the best impression to your date.

Treat the video call exactly like a proper date – and that includes wearing trousers! Don’t get caught out by only dressing smartly on your top half, or you might live to regret it. One quirky idea which can help to fill tricky silences is to arrange a “dinner date.” You both arrange to have dinner while you’re on your date, just as if you were in a proper restaurant.

Hopefully, all should go well during your date, but if you’re the only one showing your face, then terminate the call and arrange for another day. Even if your date says they’re having connection problems, don’t put up with being the only one who’s visible. This is a big red flag to watch out for that you might even want to report to the dating site if you think it’s suspicious.

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