Personal Finance Tips
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If you’re keen to transform your financial life, you’ll have to adhere to all the aspects of finance management. Whether you earn six figures or survive on the bare minimum wage, achieving financial freedom isn’t a walk in the park, no matter your financial level.

My journey to rid myself of the financial woes in the name of student debts illuminated me to the possibility that anyone can achieve financial success, as long as they adhere to a certain code of conduct.

In this article, I’m going to show the 5 most effective personal finance tips to aid you in improving your finances.

1. Budget

Achieving your financial goals is daunting without having a clear indication of your cash flow. Through your income and expenditure, you’ll be able to assess if there is any wastage and how it can be mitigated.

To achieve this, you’d need a budget—and aside from highlighting your expenses, you can also be able to curate it in a manner that aids you in achieving your goals. The 50:30:20 rule is the ideal method of allocating finances towards your financial success. 

Fifty percent should be used to cover your essentials, 30% allocated towards your lifestyle expenses, and 20% geared towards emergency savings.

2. Save 

Your savings are the go-to source for any urgent or emergency needs. While opening a savings account is the ideal method of stocking up funds for a rainy day, you can opt to stash your funds in money markets.

Or an investment that allows you to liquidate your funds immediately. The average amount required to cushion you is between 3-6 months of your monthly expenses. Giving you ample time to figure things out and not wallow in debts trying to cater to daily needs.

3. Invest

One great financial tip that will transform your personal-financial life is building your family investment portfolio. And while the majority get intimidated by the term investment imaging large investments, you can, however, invest as little as 100 bucks. One such example is Warren Buffett’s 12-year-old, $147 investment, which would be $600,000 now. 

While you may not have the luxury of time, you can start investing as early as now. And before you stake your hard-earned cash on any investment, ensure that you do adequate research to assess the risks and yields attached to that investment. 

Endear to diversify your portfolio by investing in a mix of high and low-risk investments depending on the financial goals you’ve set. Short-term goals can be anything within three years, mid-term goals are between 3-5 years, while long-term goals can be key milestones, over 5 years. 

4. Insurance 

While you build your empire, it would be naive not to consider certain shortcomings that may render you or your business incapacitated. To circumvent such hurdles, it’s prudent to ensure that you take insurance policies against your investments.

Health, disability, mortgage, term, and permanent whole life insurance are some of the ideal insurance policies that will ensure smooth sailing in case of any eventualities. You can even take an insurance policy that guarantees that your spouse and kids are cared for in the event of your demise.

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5. Retirement

Your retirement life is a critical aspect of your personal finance, but it’s evident that the majority of Americans have not saved enough to cater for their retirement. To have a blissful life after retirement, ensure you dedicate a certain percentage towards your retirement plan

To calculate the average amount needed for your retirement, you’ll need to save up to 10X of your salary or save up 15% of your annual income.

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